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Marine Highway, not Highway Robbery!!!
Events · 22nd September 2011
Deb Cowper
Ferry Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner to hold public meeting on Quadra Island Sep 26th at 7pm

There is almost NOTHING more important that a Quadra Islander could be doing on this upcoming Monday evening....this is OUR BEST CHANCE to tell the Ferry Commissioner - and thus influence the Minister - of the desperate need to bring BC Ferries back under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation and Highways.

There may never be such a strong opportunity to effect change: It has taken years for Jim and the other Directors to get this meeting; Christie Clarke and her government need to find a crowd pleaser after the HST debacle; and, BC Ferries is deeply in debt, with an ancient fleet and a host of other problems....

I have no need to tell you of the monstrous rip-off prices that are eroding our island businesses and contributing to the exodus of families.....There is no way around it, YOU NEED TO BE AT THE MEETING on Monday!

I know of at least one Board Meeting and one yoga class that have been postponed so that folk can attend this meeting. Please, I would encourage you to do likewise if necessary...bring the whole family if you must, just be there!

If you still need convincing here is Jim Abram on the subject from July 27th on the' boot:

This is your chance, Quadra Island, outer islands and Cortes Island! If you don't show up for this meeting then you are missing your prime opportunity to get BC Ferries back into the Ministry of Transportation and Highways, scrap the Coastal Ferry Act, get rid of the Board of Directors, the outrageously over-paid management, and even the Commissioner (with no disrespect intended to the commissioner). THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Cancel all other plans and meetings and be there. The Community Centre needs to be standing room only. This is the man that will encourage the Minister to lower our ferry rates and get ferries back under the wing of Transportation and Highways. You are the people, here at home, who will convince him that all of the above is the right way to go!
Thanks for the reminder!
Comment by Deb Cowper on 23rd September 2011
Sorry...I did neglect to mention the key role of the FACs around the area. Keep up the great work -- and thank you all!!
I Agree!
Comment by Paul Ryan on 22nd September 2011
Well said, Deb. If you attend only one meeting a year, let this be the one! I would also like to point out that while Jim and the rest of the regional Directors involved have been doing good work in bringing this to the Minister's attention, there has been another committee working away at this issue for many years. That would be the Ferry Advisory Committee Chairs. This is made up of all the chairs of the FACs from up and down the coast. These people have been forcefully and competently bringing this issue to the attention of everyone for the past 8 years! (I'm a member but new on the scene!) So, let's show the commissioner how important this issue is FILL THE HALL