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General · 10th October 2011
Tucker Dinnes
By Tucker Dinnes

Scattered energy is draining, pulls us away from our Center and leaves us feeling out of balance. These 3 steps will start you on your path from scattered and tired to peace-full and calm:

Identify the source of our imbalance.

What is pulling and scattering your energy? Do you have too much on your plate? Take a piece of paper and start writing down the different areas that your energies are going. Perhaps you are a solo-entrepreneur and your business demands are piling up. In what areas can you delegate a task, what tasks can wait? Start prioritizing. You may be a mother who works outside the home. There are the demands of your job and the needs of your family and household. Again, list all of the things that you feel you must do and then start paring the list down by delegating to someone else or by choosing to let some things go. (Perfectionism is another energy drainer)

Decide what is most important to you, what your life priorities are.

This step is connected to the first step. Review the list you created in Step 1. What are your life priorities? What is motivating you? Are there items on your list that don't really need to be there? Are you a person who says Yes when you really would rather not?

Create an intention to spend time listening to your own guidance and intuition.

If this is new to you, start with baby steps. Set aside 10 minutes at the beginning or the end of your day. Ask yourself what you want for your life and what changes would move you closer to your personal life vision. Write your insights down and revisit them daily. Living from a place of inner peace that is calm and centered takes intention and commitment.

“Look within! The secret is inside you.” Hui-neng

Nurture your body, mind and spirit daily. Inner peace and deep joy will flow out of that. This is not to say that your life will be "problem" free, but living from your Center, your Essence will allow you to handle life's bumps and detours with more ease and calm.

“Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.” From the Sanskrit

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