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General · 13th October 2011
Bob Lasby
The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) thought they had the authority to design and build a Regional Hospital in the middle of nowhere – no water, sewer, or electricity.
WE THE PEOPLE, with the help of our doctors and other health professionals, told them:
“No you don’t – we want our hospitals in our communities” – and after a year of arguing WE got our way. The overpaid officers and directors of VIHA went back to the drawing board (where they still are) to design new hospitals for Campbell River and Comox-Courtenay.

The Gordon Campbell BC Liberal Government thought they had the authority to legislate a new 7% tax on all sorts of products and services formerly not taxed, without going to the PEOPLE. By the HST Referendum WE THE PEOPLE told them: “Sorry, you don’t have that authority – stuff your tax.”

Here in Beautiful British Columbia it seems like all kinds of “Authorities” are trying to dictate to us – the latest example is the Vancouver Island Regional Library, who decided without public input to move our library 8 kilometers and charge us taxpayers 5 times as much rent for new facilities!

BC Ferries hikes rates with impunity…BC Medical decides which medical services they will pay for in the cities and not in rural communities. The list goes on and on.

What in hell happened to democracy in British Columbia?