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General · 24th October 2011
The campaign for Regional Director is gathering momentum on Quadra. And a signage skirmish seems to be playing out on the roadsides of our island. Over the weekend as Shawn O'Connor's signs began to appear, an increasing number of Jim Abram's signs were defaced or torn off their posts. This morning one of the Regional Director's signs was found removed from its original location at the intersection of School Rd and Heriot Bay Rd and dumped twenty feet away. At the same location was a newly installed sign for candidate O'Connor.
Shawn O'Connor's campaign manager denounced the vandalism that saw Jim Abram's signage defaced last week. But it appears someone thinks Mr O'Connor's bid for RD is somehow enhanced by damaging or removing the signs of the incumbent Director.
It's a sad day for Quadra when a democratic community process is marred by vandalism; sadder still when the vandalism seems targetted.