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General · 27th October 2011
Chris Toulmin
Dear Editor:
As most of us know by now, Jim Abram is running for re-election for a seat on the Board of Directors for the Strathcona Regional District, Area "C". The election will take place on November 19 at the Quadra Elementary school.

It is very important to me and I think, also to Quadra Island that Jim be re-elected and I would like to share some of my reasons with you.

Jim has represented Quadra, as a board member since 1988, serving as chair for 4 years. I have known Jim since the early eighties, when he was the Cape Mudge lighthouse keeper and came to know him very well over the years. I worked on the Quadra ferry for 23 years and observed Jim's comings and goings and his deepening committment to our island and its people. Jim has worked tirelessly for the betterment of Quadra Islanders - first to keep the lighthouse on the Cape and, since 1988 as a District board member. Jim was instrumental in getting the Granite Bay Hydro grant application removed from the shelf and into the approval process. After approval of the project, Jim backed me up at meetings with senior Hydro personnel, with whom he had previous contact, to overcome some serious difficulties and keep the project on track.

Jim was instrumental in the creation of the Regional District Park at Granite Bay and the installation of the very fine new dock therein. Along with the community volunteers, Jim showed up to help with the hammering and sawing and sweated along with everyone else to get the job done.

There is not enough room here for me to list the number of projects Jim has been involved in all over Quadra, but for any of you who read the Discovery Islander, Jim's regular Area "C" reports give an excellent idea of the work Jim is doing for us. Jim has recently been working to reduce ferry fares and to join in the efforts to possibly return the Quadra ferry service to control of the Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Jim is expecting to meet with our new premier in the next few months.

Jim has built up a large number of contacts at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels and has been very successful in his past negotiations on our behalf. I would hate to lose his expertise and diplomatic qualities and the loss to Area "C" would be enormous, therefore I am asking you to support Jim and vote for him on November 19, or at one of the two advance polls or by mail-in-ballot that can be obtained by calling Tom Yates at the SRD, at 250-830-6704.

Chris Toulmin
Support Jim
Comment by Claire & Dan on 30th October 2011
We have just purchased property on Quadra Island. I first talked to Jim about 20 years ago regarding the fish farm disaster and later saving lighthouses and sinking ships for artificial reefs. Although I have never met Jim, I have followed his long and distinguished record of serving Quadra and the region and I support him and look forward to being his new neighbour in the deep south in 2012. Claire Heffernan Salt Spring Island