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General · 12th November 2011
Bill Pirie
I have known Shawn O’Connor for almost 30 years, and during that time we have worked on a number of projects together, some of them pretty complex. Shawn is a pleasure to work with for a number of reasons. He is honest. He is upbeat and enthusiastic, always displaying a positive attitude. He’s gregarious by nature and knows how to build relationships.
I have always felt that he is a good listener, open-minded, and willing to look at problems from different points of view with no pre-determined bias. He actually gets excited about exploring different options and creative solutions. In the instances when he and I have disagreed, he has always been clear and forthcoming with his reasons and where he stands on the issue.
Shawn understands and respects the history and traditions of Quadra, and sees progressive change as a good thing for the island.
Bill Pirie, President
Walcan Seafood Ltd