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General · 12th November 2011
Mark Nighswander
In the fall of 2008 several woodlots were waiting for Timber West to finish with their wood at the log sort in Gowlland Harbour so we could have our turn at using the sort to scale our wood and move it to market. I got a call from my log broker: "Mark, Timber West has decided to shut the sort down for the year. I guess you guys will have to truck all your wood off island on the ferry!"
To truck wood off Quadra adds unnecessary congestion to ferry runs and is really not economically viable – not to mention slow! Besides, Timber West had promised we would have our turn after they'd finished. But the new sort manager for Timber West decided differently!
So I called our Regional Director, Jim Abram.
The next day I got a call from my log broker: "Mark, I don't know who you talked to but Timber West was apologetic and said 'You woodlots can bring your wood in as soon as you can.' "
Who I talked to was... Jim!
Jim Abram had spent over a decade negotiating the conditions under which Timber West could operate their log sort. Some of those conditions included access to the sort for woodlots and private citizens of Quadra Island.
Jim knew the history of the log sort and was part of it. He knew the phone call to make. This is one small example of Jim's work and how it helped me and others.
Over the last twenty plus years I've worked with Jim on a number of projects. His deep understanding of the issues and his sincere desire to solve a problem fairly has always impressed me.
Jim is in great danger of giving politicians a good name!
Thank you, Jim.
Mark Nighswander
Wood Lot 1899
Very well stated
Comment by Debbie on 12th November 2011
Thank you.