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General · 16th November 2011
Susan Westren
Like everyone else on Quadra, I received a piece of Shawn O’Connor’s campaign material in my mail a day or two ago. At the bottom were the words 'honesty, integrity and transparency.' It’s my opinion that anyone with integrity would not be running such a negative smear campaign. Anyone who was honest would not have failed to mention at any public venue that he is the CEO of the We Wai Kai Seafood Corporation, a position as it turns out which creates a conflict of interest with much Regional District decision-making.
What is transparent is Mr. O’Connor’s complete lack of knowledge about many issues: including, in this mailout, the history of the Bute Inlet power project. At meetings held in Campbell River and on Quadra, the plan for development was outlined in some detail, the overwhelming majority of Area C residents who attended were opposed to the project, and the provincial environmental review had been completed. Jim Abram’s stance on this issue reflects community opinion. That’s why I am supporting Jim: he determines majority community feeling and goes forward with it in his actions and representations on our behalf.