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Expired · 8th November 2011
Francesca Gesualdi
I want to thank the Quadra Community for being my date last Saturday night (Nov. 12, 2011).

It was a hot date with hot chocolate, alright. When I brought our artisan hot chocolate to the Sierra Club's screening of How to Boil A Frog this past Sautrday night at the Quadra Community Center, I was a little bit nervous. I showed up with my cacao batch, my mixer and the fresh whipping cream, my baby whisk, and my best manners.

I didn't know if any of my friends would be there (except for you, Buffy, bless you for showing up and trying the hot chocolate).

I did not know if the hot chocolate would be well received. The idea was to feature the drink as one of the refreshment items available for purchase at the snack bar. It is an item that lends itself well to the concept of raising money for a good cause. It is sustainably grown and harvested, in a manner that preserves its natural habitat, the tropical forest. This particular chocolate, unlike most of the highly processed varieties available everywhere on the market, is actually good for you (an excellent source of iron, protien, anti-oxidants and other essential nutrients), in moderation.

However, being a seriously gourmet hot chocolate, it was the highest priced item on the menu, with or without the fresh whipped cream. And, as Susan so aptly reminded me, "This isn't the city, Francesca." No, we don't do things on Quadra like we do in the city, that's why I commute to Quadra.

I want to thank Phillipe;
for his fine sense of "gastronomie," for setting the tone by being the first to order a deluxe hot chocolate with whipped cream, and for sending a few others to the counter to see what the fuss was all about for themselves. I want to thank Carol (the Carol who was involved with the Fall Fair and has chickens and sometimes has eggs), for showing up at the refreshment stand window and shouting to me, as I was preparing a cup of our brew on the stove, "You are such an excellent writer, You are Francesca, aren't you?"
Carol, email me about your chocolate event. I don't know your last name or how to get a hold of you).

There was the other Carol I'd like to thank, and John and his wife, and the team from Spirit of the West, Rick and Brianne, and fellow online gumboot writer, Ray, whom it was a pleasure to meet. I am sure I left the names of some people out. My apologies, I will make amends.

I want to thank Susan, for thinking it was a lovely idea for me to make hot chocolate. The whole team from the Sierra Club deserves my humble thanks for including me.

Thanks to Louelle (surely I have spelt that incorrectly) for her fine ability to staff the counter, and my sweetheart, Dood, for help with cleaning up.

Look forward to whipping up a little hot chocoalte for you all again someday.

All my best,

© Francesca Gesualdi, 2012