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General · 16th November 2011
Carol Anderson
Thanks, all, for the Regional Director Candidates meeting. I meant to speak but then realized that the (reasonable and efficient) format required that we ask a question. Well, I just phone or e-mail Jim when I have a question (or something to contribute). It’s simple; it works very well; he works very well.

Here are just two of my favourite examples of Jim Abram’s working for us and with us for the greater good:

Two and a half years ago, for the love of Bute Inlet, and after taking part in Environmental Review panels here, many of us travelled to Nanaimo to hold a Rally for Rivers outside the convention centre where Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities leaders were meeting. Not only did Jim join us at the microphones to address the crowd, but he saw to it that the other mayors and regional directors came outside or to the windows to hear us, and later, inside, he led them to vote for and pass the Emergency Resolution we were asking for. In fact, they went on to pass two other Resolutions seeking to protect our waterways and life in this province. It was a splendid day of rewarding team action.

Re keeping our Lighthouses and Lightkeepers: Last November, five Senators came to our coast to look into the DFO’s latest attempt to shut down or automate our Lighthouses. We could and did make appointments to meet with them, and were encouraged by how interested and engaged they were. Jim was right in there. He was able to travel and thus talk with them up and down the coast. Then he went to Ottawa and addressed the full Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans. It was magnificent. (I saw it on official DVD later.) That wise statesman was our Jim, and the Senators were clearly listening. Their subsequent report was in favour of Lighthouses and Lightkeepers. Yes! and Whew!

Let me also mention very recent effective representation. While Jim was active at the UBCM in Vancouver, we were here at the QCC informing Ferry Commissioner Macatee, thus also backing-up Jim’s next dialogues with Minister Lekstrom. It’s grand to be able to work together this way.

It was just a few days ago, in Campbell River, where Jim was the one who caught on that the waste-incineration-billed-as-green-energy idea was quietly smouldering again, and spoke out about it, knowing of the risk to Cape Mudge, and to us all.

This past weekend we had Transitioning-to-a-sustainable-Island workshops here, and Jim taking part, and then our Sierra Club movie. So many worthy challenges but also travesties right now in the world as well as close to home. What can we do? What opportunity for meaningful action do we have this very week? On Saturday, at the school:

We can vote to keep this good man in office.