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General · 17th November 2011
J Tait
For the second day this week island postboxes are experiencing white-out conditions with a second mailout by regional director hopeful Shawn O'Connor.
On Monday past a glossy rack card promoting Shawn as Quadra's only hope for a return to 'honesty, integrity, and transparency' greeted islanders the day following the all-candidates' meeting. Shawn's written statements attacking incumbent Jim Abram duplicated what he tried to do in front of an audience of 200+ on Sunday evening.
As most of the evening's questions were directed at Shawn, he had a wonderful opportunity to clarify his position and tell the community why he and he alone will best represent Area C's varied interests. His answers didn't do much to spread confidence as listeners heard the now-familiar litany of half-truths, deceptions, and what many people are starting to feel borders on slander against the incumbent director. In addition to 'forgetting' to identify his position as CEO of We Wai Kai Seafood and a Band consultant, and his lack of knowledge on regional issues and political process, Shawn's answers just weren't as easy to follow as one would expect from a potential regional director.
And so it continues with the latest offering in Quadra's version of a US-style smear campaign. A Discovery Islander knock-off entitled 'Discovery of Truth' is a compilation of corporate sponsorship and correspondence intended to expose once and for all the apparent duplicities of Jim Abram in regards to an illegally operating shellfish operation on Quadra Island.
Significant numbers of the 'Discovery of Truth' landed in the recycling bins at both post offices, signalling perhaps the growing impatience with which the O'Connor team tactics are being perceived in the community.
Is this the kind of platform that makes Shawn the man for Quadra at the Regional District?
Stay tuned, and watch out for snow [jobs]!