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General · 18th November 2011
Trevor Schiele
Hello Islanders,
I have been reading the Gumboot and other local publications for the past few weeks to see what my fellow islanders opinions are of the two candidates and this election in general. I have observed some informative posts, letters, and comments that have provided me with some insight on the issues. I must say that some of the comments have troubled me as I will touch on in here.
One of the responsibilities of my employment with Walcan Seafood Ltd is to arrange staff meals. It is an extremely rewarding and experience that I love to organize for my fellow co-workers.
We have staff lunches many times a year to show appreciation to everyone that comes to work and helps achieve success on a personal and company level. Many of our staff lunches are coordinated with local grocery stores and restaurants, because they provide exceptional service and keeps our island functioning.
A few weeks ago during one of our staff lunches (We had a Chilli day) and Shawn O'Connor attended Walcan to take the time to field questions on a one on one basis with anyone who felt like speaking with him.
The surprised look on Shawn's face when he arrived at Walcan and observed an employee lunch in progress was not that of someone who “just funded a free lunch”, it was actually a look of appreciation by someone who was given a free lunch!
As someone who was on the fence about who I would vote for, I appreciated this opportunity to speak with Shawn face to face and ask him some very challenging questions. Shawn was very honest with me and I especially appreciated the fact that if he didn’t know the answer, he told me so and made it clear that he would need to learn more before he could commit to a response.
Shawn's balanced views were very encouraging for someone such as me that has a young family. I believe Shawn will do his best to help everyone.
I have to admit that our district has very little to offer young families except for low paying seasonal jobs that make it nearly impossible for a young family to set their roots in the ground and make Quadra home.
With the visit from Shawn O’Connor at Walcan it had me questioning why Jim Abram hasn’t come out to see the people who work here.
I hear he goes to all the outer islands to visit people, so why hasn’t he tried to visit Walcan which is just a short drive down the road (even though he has claimed to do so!). There are a good number of employees at Walcan he supposedly represents. I can only guess he doesn’t care about our needs.
I will be voting for Shawn O-Connor because I want to see a change, and I believe he has the best interests of young people, our economy and the region in general.
I would like to give Shawn O’Connor praise for organizing a lunch for our community’s Seniors because it was a nice thing to do and show appreciation for giving him the time to discuss the community’s future.
~Trevor Schiele
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Comment by Paul Ryan on 18th November 2011
Trevor, I would suggest to you that if you are making up your mind on who to vote for on the basis of a short conversation in the lunchroom, then you deserve what you get if this man gets elected! He will tell you what you want to hear and then turn around and do things that fit with his own agenda. I guarantee you that his agenda and your wants and needs are acres apart! DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN!