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General · 26th November 2011
Ann Onymous
I am writing this to the editors of The Gumboot. I have noticed recently that there has been several editorial comments posted that have only the authors first name. The third paragraph of your content policy states "Please also note that all material submitted for upload to the site must be identified by the author's full name (first name and surname), and be accompanied by a current email address. The gumboot doesn't upload material from anonymous senders. "
I can understand in a classified ad that you may not want to include your full name, but for an editorial comment, I believe the playing field should remain level. Will the real Gumboot policy please stand up. Thank you, David Faulkner
Hey, David, you're right!
Comment by Robyn Budd on 26th November 2011
Yep, there it is. Obviously a few of these got by me, and I even did the bad thing myself :)
Okay dokey, then, I guess the editors need to pull up their socks a bit.
I'll tell them, okay?
Full names
Comment by David Faulkner on 26th November 2011
To be honest, it has been the comments regarding the Quadra Island Dog Park that made me notice the one name submissions. There has been six comments over the last few days with only first names - Robyn x2, gordon, Heather, Fiona, Sehleeah. When dealing with something that stirs that much interest it is nice to know who you are corresponding with.
Hi Ann, I mean David!
Comment by Robyn on 26th November 2011
Robyn one-of-the-editors-Budd here. I just did a quick count of the top 30 articles on the Frontpage, and I see one lacking a last name, and two go by their group or business name. We (the editors, that is) got more serious about names because a few years ago some prankster in the community started slamming all kinds of nice people and places in print, under a variety of names not found in the phone book. So we put in the name requirement to try and cut the monkey wrenching. (We also outed the guy when we found out who he was. Grrrrr.)
And every so often we forget to write back to a submitter and ask for them to resubmit using their full name, etc etc.
Technically speaking, submissions should be authored by real people and not interest groups and businesses. The exception is non-commercial and non-partisan community interest stuff like Friday Flicks and Quadra Rec.
Thanks, David, for keeping us on our toes!