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General · 8th December 2011
International Court of Justice
From the International Court of Justice
(in The Hague, Netherlands) Press Release

In a unanimous verdict today, the World Court found the provincial government of British Columbia, Canada, guilty of trafficking in carbon. The court imposed world-wide sanctions against the Province for "continuous and deliberate" actions to promote carbon sales while ignoring the global impact of its foreign trade policies. The court compared the unrestricted sale of fossil carbon by B.C. analogous to international drug trafficking.

In his submission to the Court, the Minister of Trade Relations for B.C. told the Court "we just sell it (coal, etc.), we are not responsible for the emissions it creates, it is not our problem. We are here to service the markets and make money, we are not responsible for the consequences of these actions."

The World Court disagreed. In a carefully worded statement issued today, the Court stated: "The trafficking in carbon that the Province (of B.C) has participated in during the last decade is deleterious to the global environment and declaring the impacts of those actions as non-existent contravenes the very basis of truth and responsibility to humankind. This is particularly egregious, especially as the Province declares itself to be carbon neutral. Such deliberate deception must be held accountable.

"World-wide sanctions are to be imposed immediately on the Province of British Columbia and will continue until the Province presents to this Court a true accounting of its carbon sales and their global impacts for further assessment."