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General · 28th December 2011
Tucker Dinnes
What is coaching, how does it work, why would I work with a coach?

Coaching by definition is a partnership between coach and client in which these two people co-create solutions to a challenge or work towards the fulfillment of a goal or intention.

Sounds pretty dry and kinda "ho-hum" doesn't it?

On paper it definitely does sound like work; but the reality is that the coaching process is really quite light, empowering, and sometimes even magical. The magic happens when two people come together with the mindset of being present, aware, encouraging, and focused on the best outcome for the client.

At times we can all "feel" stuck or held back by situations and circumstances. Coming together with a coach brings clarity, focus and the chance to really explore options and possibilities. Even what may seem like a tiny shift in thinking can have a big impact on overall well-being and movement towards what serves the client best. A note here; a coach should always seek to bring out a client's own wisdom and answers (which are already there by the way) and refrain from "telling" the client what they should do.
(Ideas/Resources/Suggestions, if invited by the client, can be helpful in the right moment.)

Have a goal or challenge in your life or business that you would like to work towards fulfilling or resolving? Consider hiring a coach. A coach is objective, neutral and has only one agenda – to see you living your life fully engaged. For more information about hiring a coach download the free e-book "7 principles to know before you hire a coach" from my website.