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General · 2nd January 2012
Mary Dennison - 285-3764
BUILDING COMMUNITY AND HEALING THROUGH SONG: Ah singing! Come re-enchant the world with melodies, harmonies, chants, rounds and body rhythms from different cultures around this glorious Earth!
This is a safe, non-judgmental circle where everyone can SING FOR PURE JOY! No experience is needed - only the desire to make joyful sounds to help access and expess the profound joy and beauty at our core.
No written music is used." The majority of music in the world comes from the oral tradition and all songs are learned by call and response recognizing that this is the most accessible and effective way for the majority of people to learn and retain songs in the longer term." (Natural Voice Practitioners)
Research shows that "people who are involved in choirs are healthier. They live longer and they have fewer depressions. One of the hormones we generate when we sing is oxytocin, which we usually associate with nursing babies and child bearing. It's a hormone that makes it possible for us to bond. So when you sing, you bond with the people you sing with." (Edmonton Journal)