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General · 11th January 2012
Shane Worth
On January 10 the RCMP Detachment received a report of mischief having been committed overnight at the golf course on Heriot Bay Road. There was significant damage to the greens and fairways which had been caused by an ATV and motorcycle riding around the golf course. The damage will take a considerable amount of labour and funds to repair.

Should any community members have any information relating to this mischief, they are asked to call the Detachment at 285-3631 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

To assist the police in apprehending the individuals responsible for this crime, Community Members are also asked to contact the Detachment, at any time, should they hear or see any motorized vehicles riding at or near the golf course.
Don`t Ask Why
Comment by Lee Ann Weigold on 14th January 2012
I am in tears looking at the photos of our Golf Course after so many people have worked so hard for so long to make this dream a reality. We winter in Mexico and were just the other day talking about how much fun it will be to tee-off on Quadra.
Thoughtless or vindictive, the reason for this act of destruction really does not matter. What matters is that the perps are made to repair and replace along side the folks who did the work in the first place. Maybe then they will understand how hurtful their actions have been to others. It would be a lot easier to forgive them if they fessed up now and offered to fix their damage. Mike and I will be available to help in any way when we return to Quadra..
Sad, just sad
Comment by Naomi on 14th January 2012
I love driving by and seeing the golf course develop. It was so beautiful with all the nice green grass coming in. How sad that some people think that vandalism is a fun way to spend their time. Sad that they don't realize that not only does their actions reflect badly on them but their family, friends and neighbors. I strong urge whoever knows anything about this "Mischief" to PLEASE report it. This affects everyone on the island!
Comment by Paul Ryan on 11th January 2012
These same brain dead morons have been at Rebecca Spit tearing up the field. If you know who they are or spot them, please inform the RCMP. They better hope I don't catch them first!