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General · 1st February 2012
Alex Morton
In an unprecedented move, some fishing lodges in BC are challenging other lodges to support the legal costs of the 20-day defamation trial 'Staniford vs Mainstream.' (Mainstream is owned by Cermaq, which itself is largely owned by the Norwegian government). The issue? Don Staniford, a prominent aquaculture opponent, compared the salmon farming industry to big tobacco.

Central to the case is whether the salmon farming industry read the scientific papers recommending limiting farm salmon consumption due to toxin levels and then spent millions trying to convince people to eat more farm salmon.

The trial is ongoing this week. Already $24,000 has come from over 300 donations from the public. $10,000 came from a group of fishermen in Norway. A Swedish fly-fishing magazine has put out a plea for funding of this case.

The trial is public and ongoing at the Law Courts, Nelson and Hornby entrance #52 10am.

See the BC fishing lodge challenge:

If we want wild salmon it is up to us.
Notes on a SLAPP suit
Comment by Alex Morton on 4th February 2012
I have spent the past two days listening to the court proceedings as Mainstream tries to sue Don Staniford for comparing salmon farming to big tobacco and cancer.

Harsh words indeed. But how can anyone protect life on earth today? The salmon farming industry is spending millions advertising - trying to convince us to eat more farm salmon knowing science warns that the way farm salmon are fattened has elevated levels of cancer causing chemicals in their flesh. These papers are published in Chemosphere and SCIENCE.

Few can believe this went to trial because Staniford never named the company.

I have written up some of my notes in my blog, just the tip of this iceberg. More wild salmon people are showing up everyday.

FYI - the Mainstream lawyer tried to get us to believe there were less than 1,000 of us on the BC legislative lawn at the Get Out migration, because that is what the Vancouver Sun reported. He tried to paint Don as a liar for saying there 5,000-7,000 of us there. These corporations are out of touch with the reality of who we are, that we exist, that we have rights, that we respect life on earth and will fight for it.
So What?
Comment by Paul Ryan on 3rd February 2012
Astrid's comments may all be true but that doesn't alter the fact that he defamed and libeled a really decent guy who is the general manager of Creative Salmon in Tofino. When he was taken to court over this he Skipped The Country!!
Don Who??
Comment by Astrid Johnston on 2nd February 2012
Thanks for asking Paul. I didn't know either, so went and googled and came up with this info...Don Staniford, M.Sc., has acted as a Director of the Salmon Farm Protest Group in Scotland. He has spoken in opposition of salmon farming in Brussels, Chile, Australia and New Zealand. In 2002, he received a British Environment and Media Award in recognition of his work exposing the illegal use of chemicals on Scottish salmon farms. Don now works as Director of Aquaculture Research for Friends of Clayoquot Sound in Tofino on Vancouver Island. Also, published a book - A Stain Upon the Sea, West Coast Salmon Farming. preface by D Suzuki, by Otto Langer; Stephen Hume; Alexandra Morton; Don
Staniford; Betty Keller & Rosella M. Leslie and introduction by Terry Glavin. Hopefully this information is also helpful.
Don Who??
Comment by Paul Ryan on 1st February 2012
This is the same guy who was convicted in Provincial court of defaming and libeling a salmon farming company from Tofino and he skipped the country to avoid prosecution! And you want to raise money to help this guy?