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General · 25th February 2012
Shane Worth
As most community members are aware, significant damage was sustained to the golf course in January. The damage was caused by a dirt bike and an ATV riding over the recently planted fairways and greens. Three youths were identified as having committed the damage and they have recently participated in a restorative justice process where they admitted to their actions. As part of the process, the three youths prepared an apology letter to the community.

This letter is in regards to the damage that was done on January 9th, 2012
to the golf course. We would first like to say how sorry we are to the
directors and all the people who put all their time and effort in on fixing
up and making this course.

When we rode our bikes through the course, it was not our intention to do
the damage. We were just riding our bikes through at night. We know it is
still no excuse.

To the people of Quadra Island, we would also like to say sorry. We have
been in contact with the RCMP, Directors, and some members of the
community, and are in the makings of making a restitution of how we can
help in our community to make it right. Again, we are truly sorry

To our parents, we are sorry that we lied to you about what we did that