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General · 27th February 2012
Claire Trevena
The BC Liberals have their priorities wrong when it comes to the needs of North Island families and communities, North Island MLA Claire Trevena said in the Legislature.

“The fact that our new hospital did not make it into the capital budget list for health care shows that the government doesn’t see the needs for our communities,” said Trevena.

“The budget gives the lie to the Premier’s so called Families First agenda. It is bad news for families, with the increase in cost for MSP, and no respite on the HST. The tax breaks are only for those who can already afford private music or sports classes – and even then only amount to about $25.”

In her response to the budget, Trevena questioned the priorities of the BC Liberal government and the choices it has been making.

“On the 100th anniversary of the BC Forestry Service, and in the wake of devastating reports on our forest health, it was disappointing to see no commitment to one of our most basic resources,” said Trevena.

“And the chimera of the BC Liberal commitment to the environment has clearly blown away: the carbon tax is likely to end and a tax on aviation fuel has been removed.

“Then to add insult to injury, there’s going to be a fire sale of our public assets, whether those are school buildings, parking lots or crown land. It’s like selling the family silver.”

Trevena will be using the spring Legislative session to raise specific constituency issues related to the budget.

Adrian Dix and the New Democrats are working to protect the interests of working families and the middle class and reverse the rising inequality that has defined BC in the last decade.