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General · 27th March 2012
You may have noticed some unusual activity happening in the front field of Quadra Elementary over the past week. I’ve heard wonderings from various people if the septic field is being replaced. But no, it is much more exciting than that! Quadra School and its P.A.C. have teamed up along with many other community members to bring to fruition an exciting project that has been in discussions for a few years now. The Quadra School Garden Initiative (QSGI) is what the action is really all about! That’s right, a garden for our children.

The fundamental goal behind this initiative is to inspire and educate children and families in our community around the growing importance of sustainability within our society. Children will learn invaluable life-long lessons that will positively influence generations to come. We anticipate the children being very eagerly involved in the entire process from designing the garden layout, choosing what to grow, as well as making their own starter pots, sprouting the seeds, planting, weeding, and watering, all the way down to enjoying and sharing with each other and the community, the fruits of their labour!

A project this ambitious cannot happen without the dedicated volunteer work, involvement and generous donations from many local businesses and community members. To date, we have received overwhelming support from the following individuals/businesses and would like to extend our sincerest thanks to:

-Ross McPhee for initiating this endeavour and spending endless hours of organizing, drawing up plans and budgeting

-Sorenson-Macdonald Enterprises ltd., who graciously donated their equipment and time to complete the initial sod removal

-Landtech Industries for volunteering to truck in and mix up the soil and compost and pick up our sawdust

- Dick Whittington for supplying the sawdust for our pathways

- Quadra Island Builders for supplying us with many of our needed materials at cost or less

-On Root Greenhouse for donating seeds and potting soil

- Renewable Resources in Campbell River for supplying us with fish compost at cost

- The Quadra Island Garden Club for donating $600 towards supplies

- Val Barr for sharing her expertise

- The Principal and teachers at Quadra School for their support and enthusiasm

This is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. We still need families and other community members to get inspired and become involved as there is still a lot of initial work to be done such as:

 Making the beds and pathways
 Building the fence
 Installing an irrigation system

So, if you are inspired to be a part of this special project that will benefit our community in so many ways and for years to come, please show your support by attending our first scheduled work-bees being held on the following dates:

 Saturday, March 31st 1-4PM– Beds and pathways

 Saturday, April 7th 1-4PM - Beds and pathways, fencing

Please bring any tools that you may have such as wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, hoes. And don’t forget CHILDREN! This is a chance to spend quality time with our kids, to teach, learn and grow together as a community.
Hope to see you there!
*Keep an eye out for progress updates and future work-bee dates
*If gardening is not your forte but you would like to support the QSGI, donations can be made at the Quadra Elementary School with our wonderful secretary Josie

Cally Overton
Quadra Elementary P.A.C.