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General · 13th June 2012
Jamie Biggar for
This could be the beginning of a turning point for Canada. We keep hearing from Canadians who have never paid attention to politics before, people who are now standing up for our democracy because of the movement to stop the anti-democratic Budget Bill.

Tonight’s “13 heroes” Day of Action will come at a historic moment in the Budget Bill showdown as MPs vote non-stop on hundreds of important opposition amendments that could stop the worst of the damage caused by this bill. We expect this “filibuster” to last all through the night and following day, with a final vote in the House of Commons predicted to come on Monday, June 18.

Today we’re writing because we want you to be part of a historic moment for our country. By going to a 13 heroes action, you will help send a powerful message direct to key Conservative MPs that Canadians expect Conservative MPs to represent their constituents and stop the Budget Bill.

We’ve created a powerful new way to bring your voice into the House of Commons, and support opposition to the Budget Bill. At each event we’ll take pictures of ourselves holding signs that call for our MPs to be heroes, signs that call for the Budget Bill to be stopped and split apart. Then we’ll post all of those photos onto a special web page for our MPs in Parliament - and they will see your photos stream in on their laptops and smartphones in the House of Commons as they test their endurance and try to stop and split the Bill through the night.

Stand against the Federal Budget Bill
When Today at 5:30pm local time in most locations
Where 80 Confirmed events all across Canada at Conservative MP offices and support locations.

Editor's note:
The closest rally to Quadra takes place in Courtenay at John Duncan's Comox Valley office:
Unit 104 – 576 England Avenue in Courtenay
(Market Travel entrance)

If you can’t make it to an event in person, you can still join thousands of Canadians and send an urgent message to Conservative MPs that you want 13 of them to defend democracy by stopping the Budget Bill, splitting it, and starting over.

Phone (250) 338-9381
Call Toll Free 1-800-667-8404 BC Only

Send your urgent message now.

And tonight, as the continuous voting begins, you can join us by taking a picture of yourself with a sign, even just a piece of paper, that says “Heroes Defend Democracy, Stop C-38”, and send it to We’ll post it to the 13 Heroes Live website along with photos from the rallies all over Canada, and stream it into the House of Commons to support pro-democracy MPs in Parliament.

We know many Conservative MPs have serious concerns about this anti-democratic bill. Imagine them sitting through hours of tedious voting, watching a wave of opposition to the bill pouring in from all across the country. And, the opposition MPs who are fighting the bill will get a huge boost to know that Canadians from coast to coast to coast are standing with them.

If you like, you can also spread the word by posting your support photo as your facebook profile picture, and adding a link to the petition, so your friends can add their voices.

With over 80 actions planned for tomorrow, your Leadnow community is rallying Canadians across the country to create a turning point for Canada. Together, we are going to reclaim our democracy.

Thanks for all you do.
With hope and respect,
Matthew, Jamie, Jen, Julia, Ryan, Crystel, Sanna, Logan, Heather and Reilly on behalf of the team

PS - You’re already changing the conversation. Your 13 Heroes Day of Action was featured in a Canadian Press article distributed in media throughout the country yesterday. Here’s the link:
War of Words Persists Over Conservative Budget Bill As Voting Marathon Looms (Canadian Press) is an independent community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good.

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