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Friday, November 23
General · 19th November 2012
Friday Flicks
Friday, November 23, 7:45, Quadra Community Centre.
With rare subtlety and transforming art, director Asghar Farhadi takes us into the emotional heart of modern Iran. Nadar and Simin are a middle-class couple seeking divorce. She wants to move abroad with their 11-year-old daughter, Termeh.He wants Termeh to stay. With the male-dominated state on his side, Nader makes a home with Termeh, his dementia afflicted father and the father’s nurse, Razieh, who supports an unemployed husband and a daughter of her own. When Nader accuses the pregnant Razieh of abusing his father, violence erupts.
As the tension builds in the courtroom, Farhadi reveals his country in microcosm, divided by gender, class, religion and invisible borders of destruction. The actors do wonders, uncovering rich depths in their characters.
This is a superb detective story. Who did what to whom and why? At stake are multiple separations - between husband and wife, parent and child, rich and poor, secular and religious and patriot and expatriot. We see a nuanced portrait of Iranian society that, through Western eyes, looks at once utterly alien and strikingly familiar. (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone)