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General · 10th January 2013
Shane Worth
In 2012, the Quadra Island RCMP investigated fifteen complaints regarding dogs. Five complaints were for loose and aggressive dogs, three complaints were for dogs chasing livestock, one complaint was for a dog left unattended in a vehicle and most concerning, there were six complaints of people or other animals being bitten by a dog.

Currently, there are no enforceable Regional District Bylaws on Quadra Island pertaining to loose dogs, vicious dogs, barking dogs or dog licensing. Three laws which can be applied in relation to the investigation of most dog complaints are the Provincial Livestock Act, Wildlife Act and Community Charter.

Under the Livestock Act, a person may kill a dog if the person finds the dog running at large and attacking or viciously pursuing livestock.

Under the Wildlife Act, a $345 fine may be prescribed if a person causes or allows a dog to hunt or pursue wildlife, an endangered or threatened species, or game, except in accordance with the regulations.

Lastly, The Community Charter allows for a dog to be declared a dangerous dog if it has killed or seriously injured a person, killed or seriously injured a domestic animal while not on the dog owner's property, or if there are reasonable grounds for the police to believe it is likely to kill or seriously injure a person. A dangerous dog may be seized and detained by the police for 21 days and an application may be made to the Provincial Court for an order to have the dog destroyed. There are no fine provisions under the Community Charter.

Many people are afraid of dogs and in order to prevent dog bites, other injuries and the possible destruction of a dog, the Quadra Island RCMP are requesting that dog owners be responsible by always keeping dogs controlled on their own property.

If anyone requires any further information or clarification on any of these provisions, please contact the Quadra Island Detachment at 285-3631.
Thank you Shane
Comment by n ancy essig on 22nd January 2013
Thank you for pointing out the problems this Island has with peoples dogs...or as they would call them, their" Babies" They are not babies and if they were, allowing them free reign would see them put in gov't care. Not everyone likes your dogs, stepping in the shit they leave behind and coming across a mangled corpse of a dogs plaything. Keep them in your yard, behind a fence. Chaining an animal is cruel and unneccesary. If you cannot properly care for a dog, don't get one!