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General · 3rd February 2013
Joy Bird

All around us new life is bursting out as buds and catkins swell. Late winter is a time to nourish the soul with the beauty of our natural environment. We become inspired by the growing energy in our own gardens, as we survey its bare bones with a critical, but friendly eye. We look ahead to warmer days, when we can get out to prune and work the soil. It will be soon.

This season is the time when gardeners plan changes to next summer’s garden. A large selection of ornamental plants are available for our climate. It is possible with some planning to have blooms from the beginning of January, through the dry season, and well into wonderful fall colours. Choosing new plants each year for your ornamental garden, improves its aesthetic beauty, and increases your contentment when you spend time outdoors. The garden becomes a work of art as we develop its texture, colour, and scent - arranging plants slowly, as we are able.

On Monday February 11th, 7pm, join us for an interesting evening slide show on the new perennials for 2013. The Garden Club welcomes Ellen Presley, co-owner of Anderton’s Nursery in the Comox Valley. Ellen’s talk will be focused on how to use perennials in the garden with emphasis on the attributes of each plant discussed. Choosing the ‘right plant for the right place’ will give you a luscious garden, reducing the amount of time spent caring for your plants. It will also save you money when you get it right the first time. It is always fun and entertaining to have a look at the year’s new selection of plants.

Anderton’s is one of the largest greenhouse operations north of Nanaimo. With seventeen greenhouses and thirty four staff it is a gardeners’ mecca. When you visit Anderton’s Nursery have a look at the adjacent non profit, independently run Anderton Therapeutic Gardens. Ellen is also well known for the garden column she writes for the local paper, The Comox Valley Echo.

Go for a walk around your garden and observe - Spring is on its way. The hellebores are budding up and the early crocus, winter aconite and snowdrops will be in bloom soon. Drop ins welcome $2 at the door or buy a membership $10 annually.