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General · 18th February 2013
Adam McKenty
My aunt, Joyce Murray, is running for the leadership of the federal Liberal party. I hesitate to encourage her further into the murky waters of politics with promotional verbiage, but the unusual features of this leadership race and the high stakes for Canada have tipped the balance.

Here's why: for the first time in Canadian history, the Liberals have opened their leadership contest to the general public. Anyone who is not a card-carrying member of another party can sign up as a “Supporter” online, for free, and vote for the next Liberal leader.

This experiment in open politics and Joyce's daring policy platform make the leadership race highly relevant to anyone with progressive values, regardless of party affiliation. Her platform includes:

- One-time cooperation with the Green Party and the NDP in the 2015 election to avoid progressive vote-splitting in closely contested ridings;

- Electoral reform to give Canada a more democratic electoral system – one that comes closer to proportionally representing voters and fosters cooperation rather than mudslinging in Ottawa;

- Real action on climate change, including economic incentives to reduce carbon emissions through a carbon tax and emissions caps;

- Relief from the excesses of male-dominated governance with a target of 40% women on all government-appointed boards, commissions and cabinet positions.

Joyce is a committed environmentalist. She took on the thankless task of convincing her party to do something about climate change when she was in the BC Liberals' cabinet, and more recently toured BC promoting a private members bill to ban oil tanker traffic on the central coast.

She wrote an MBA thesis on global warming in 1992, co-founded Canada's largest tree-planting company, speaks at least four languages, and juggles in her office to relieve the stress of public service. For these and many other reasons, and to give all of us a chance at an honourable country and a habitable planet 50 years from now, I strongly encourage you to go right now to and register as a supporter before it's too late! Anyone can sign up, but only those who register before March 3rd can vote in the leadership election in April.

Thanks for reading!