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General · 22nd February 2013
Maureen McDowell
As the Boomers Age

There have been residents at Quadra Island Seniors Housing since December 2010 - 26 months. The recent work at Board meetings is procedure and protocol: setting up a financial budget, reserve fund and goals, maintaining the property (both gardens and buildings), including water tests, insurance, taxes and fees. As well, the Board is slowly trying to pay down the debt which was borrowed to complete the first two duplexes.

The Society would like to express its gratitude to the following financial donors of 2012. To Telus, and their employee (a Quadra resident) who recommended Seniors housing for a cash donation - a big thanks. An enormous thank you to Tru Value (Heriot Bay and Quathiaski Cove) for being the great philanthropic island business that you are. The whole community is grateful for the fantastic corporate donation of 1% of your sales donated to all types of charitable causes. Thank you to Tru Value shoppers who donate their points to Seniors Housing - please continue to think of us (#275) when you are at the cashier. Thanks to the staff of Heriot Bay Store, who last December donated the funds raised by their casual-dress Fridays - that was an unexpected bonus and much appreciated. All of these cash donations go toward paying down the debt.

The Housing Society’s 2012/13 Board Directors are Heather Adams, Nancy Allwarden, Ruth Amiabel, Val Barr, Al Beattie, Jerry Enns, Perry Johnston, Maureen McDowell, and Jeanne Stoppard. This Board is a cohesive and active group of community volunteers who are preparing the path to benefit future generations of seniors. There has been intensive volunteer work over the last four years, and of course, for the many years before construction began.

This is a community-funded project with many community members supporting the project with their professional skills. We want to acknowledge and thank several volunteers have helped out in 2012 by donating their time: Mary Thompson and Jack La Rue for mowing the lawn through the summer; Ruth Amiabel’s son, Michael Thorpe, for repairing a shower door; Rick Milne for ongoing monitoring of the water system; Murray Abercrombie for the annual inspection of fire extinguishers; Lon McMartin for inexpensively repairing a clothes dryer; Tom Rohan for replacing an outdoor tap; Jim Abram for advice on sewer and property taxes.

The Society and its tenants are happy with the results of all of the volunteer work donated to build this high-quality housing. There have been no vacancies in two years, and the present seniors expect to remain residents for the long term. There is also a waiting list of hopeful tenants-to-be. The one-acre property on O’Connor Road is zoned for and has usable space for one more duplex. The Board of Directors has been discussing how to proceed with the next duplex . This project is the seed for the future of Seniors health and resiliency on Quadra. The Society’s AGM is in mid-June so please take the time to come out to hear about Seniors Housing’s future plans.