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General · 6th March 2013
Check out what we're up to this spring on Linnaea Farm.

Linnaea Farm Workshops 2013

March 9th – June 15th every 2nd Saturday from 2 – 4
Adam Schick is offering an 8 part series that is intended to help you get closer to what food security truly means. The classes are arranged with seasonal lessons to guide you through the tasks at hand in the garden, and a little theory behind the practice.
$160 full class

March 9th, 16th and 23rd 10-3
with John Jordan
Learn basic green wood working skills, from local Linnaea trees into a fully functional shaving horse! The wood - working studio will also be available to you after workshop hours for participants. All materials and coffee and tea included.
Cost: $300
Linnaea Farm Education Center
Green Woodworking Studio

Sunday March 10
Seed Saving 101
with Kirsten Vidulich
The act of saving seeds starts as soon as you plant your seeds this spring
This afternoon will be a primer of seed saving facts and terms so you can gather the bounty with confidence.
We will also bring seeds to swap with each other.

Sunday March 17th
with Tamara McPhail
Ever wonder how the wool got from a sheep into a piece of felt? What is felting anyways? Basic water felting techniques will be taught – as well as a bit of form felting. Good for the beginner and the intermediate felter.
Cost: $55
1-4 pm
Linnaea Farm Education Center

Sunday March 24th
with Tamara McPhail
Take a walk on Linnaea Farm and be introduced to the bounty of spring medicine that grows in the wild and how to use it in your everyday life. You will learn how to make tinctures, decoctions and infusions.
Cost: $55 all supplies includes tinctures to take home.
1-3 pm
Linnaea Farm Education Center

Sunday April 21
Introduction: No-knead sourdough bread
With Tamiae Squibb
Sow some patience and reap the delicious rewards of baking true no-knead sourdough! Although a lengthier process than baking bread with yeast, a no-knead loaf is a thing of beauty - and nutrient rich, too. Learn the basics of creating these artisan breads with their well-developed crusts and fluffy, flavourful crumb. Workshop includes detailed handouts, a simple lunch, and of course fresh bread tasting! Gluten intolerances cannot be accommodated and an understanding of sourdough starter maintenance is helpful.
Cost $35
Linnaea Farm Education Center

Sunday may 12
Baking with sprouted grain
With Tamiae Squibb
Amp up your baking arsenal with sprouted grains, nutritional powerhouses! Not only does sprouting activate food enzymes, increase vitamin content and mineral availability, sprouted grains have higher levels of protein and fewer starches than non-sprouted. Learn how they lend themselves easily to cookies and quick breads, take home new recipes and sample some tasty treats. Gluten-free and raw foodies welcome!
Cost: $25
Linnaea Farm Education Center

May 19
Soap Making
with Kirsten
Discover the diverse craft of soap making with tried and true techniques-
We will make soaps with animal and vegetable based fats and optional plant botanicals.
Cost- $65- all supplies included
12pm -4pm
Linnaea Farm Education Center

May 25th
Plant walk on Linnaea Farm
Join Liz Richardson for a plant walk and talk through the diversity of Linnaea Farm’s ecology, increasing our observations skills and learning about plant families and traditional uses.
Cost: $25
Meet in the Linnaea Farm parking lot.

June 8
Live stock walk and talk
With Liz Richardson and Tamara McPhail
Take a walk through the livestock systems on Linnaea Farm – be introduced to grazing systems, pasture reclamation, electric fencing, housing, feeding etc. and meet Linnaea Farm’s resident cows, pigs, sheep and chickens.
Cost: $25
Meet in the Linnaea Farm parking lot.

June 22nd
Management Intensive Grazing for livestock
With Liz Richardson and Tamara McPhail
Ever wonder how to maximize your grass growth so that animals get the most from it?
Join us out in the pastures of Linnaea Farm to see how the cattle move through the fields in a 24 - hour cycle.
Cost: $25
1–3 pm
Meet in the Linnaea Farm parking lot.

June 29th
Electric Fencing Primer
So now you know what animals you want and what they need. How do you keep your animals in and your neighbours happy? Electric fencing! We’ll cover what kinds of electric fences are out there, how to hook them up and keep the current strong. Covering all the nuts and bolts of electric fencing, what common problems arise and how to fix them.
Cost: $50
Meet in the Linnaea Farm parking lot


Raising meat birds from field to freezer – 3 part series
Brooding and feeding (day old – 6 weeks)
Housing and pasturing (6 weeks – 12 weeks)
Slaughter, pluck and eviscerate a chicken
Participants will go home with packaged poultry ready to consume.

Butchery and charcuterie
From the quarter of a Linnaea Cow to a finished product – sausages and various cuts will be displayed. Culminating in a tasting.

Whole Beast Cookery
Liver pate, blood sausage, headcheese, etc (dependant on animal availability)

Seed saving techniques - 102
Make your own threshing box
How to capture and preserve the bounty off seeds from your garden and process them so they assured for the your future gardens.
We will cover techniques crop by crop and spend a portion of time constructing threshing boxes-the indispensible tool of the home seed saver!!- for you to take to your own garden.
Cost $60- all supplies included- each participant will take home their own threshing box.

Feast of the Fields Farm Tours
Come and enjoy our season's bounty with Linnaea's Feast of the Fields Farm Tours. Enjoy an afternoon of entertainment, education and food, featuring the fruits, veggies, meats and home-style cooking of Linnaea Farm. Tours include a 2 hour walk about and a multi-course meal.
Running July, August and September, dates and prices TBA.

Any Questions or to register for any classes, give Tamara a call (250) 935-6747 or email