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General · 27th May 2013
Paul Ryan
At the last meeting of the Ferry Advisory Committee the Cortes members made a request regarding assured loading sailings for Cortes residents. At present there are two sailings per week; one on Mondays at 9am and one on Thursdays at 9am. They are asking for an additional assured loading sailing. They are also asking that the max number of vehicles that get loading preference on those sailings be increased from 24 to 28 which is a full load on their ferry.
It was decided to seek Quadra residents' input on this question before a decision is made. Quadra residents will be the ones most affected by this so they should be allowed to assist in making the decision. Please take the time to answer these questions at the end of the article as a Reply. WE RESPECTFULLY REQUEST THAT ONLY QUADRA RESIDENTS RESPOND. We already know how Cortes residents feel!)
If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Ph 285-3896

The following is a note from a Cortes member explaining their position.
"Cortes Island has requested an additional 'assured loading' day for the 9:00 AM sailing only from Quathiaski Cove to Campbell River. It would be either a Tuesday or Wednesday sailing. This would allow Cortes Islanders to make appropriate appointments for that day to conduct business as necessary, attend various medical/dental appointments, and still be able to return to their homes on Cortes by the last ferry leaving Heriot Bay at 6:50 PM. Cortes has only 7 round trip sailings per day, whereas Quadra has 17 sailings to choose from each day. Also the Cortes ferry can haul only 28 vehicles (average length ), and the Quadra / Campbell River ferry can haul 70 vehicles."

1. Do you support increasing the number of assured loading vehicles to 28 (from 24)?
2. Do you support moving from 2 assured loading sailings per week to 3?

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Assured Loading Issue
Comment by Diane on 18th June 2013
I disagree with a third day of assured loading for Cortez residents. One solution is for BC Ferries to alter the sailing times so that the Cortez residents don't need assured loading at all. There are only 4 sailings a day so this shouldn't be a difficult decision. I am sad to hear others commenting on the tourist traffic in the lineups. Don't forget that these tourists bring financial support to all the small businesses on both islands and this allows those of us who live here to shop locally and not require more frequent ferry trips to Campbell River.
No extra days
Comment by Barbara Frank on 17th June 2013
I vote no. In the summer when we have a 2 hour ferry wait cause of overloads, Cortes comes along with priority loading and we now miss another ferry.
Cortez assured loading
Comment by Pal Horvath on 13th June 2013
When you moved to an isolated Island you should have considered the price of remote living.
I have nothing against increasing the number of cars to 28, but I am against a third day of privileged loading. For the following reasons:
1/ the 9 o clock sailing is also important to Quadra people.
2/ You don't really have to take your car to Campbell river for a lot of things. The alternatives are, Cortez Connection, Bus system, ( you have to learn it but it works) Taxi, which may not cost more than the ferry. Or even walk to close locations.
Pal Horvath, Quadra Island
Comment by lm on 13th June 2013
Seeing as how BC Ferries are always crying about running a deficit, perhaps they should implement the paid reservation system as they have on all their other routes? This would ensure that those coming from Cortes who truly have to get on the 9am sailing would. This could apply to both the Cortes and Quadra runs. I also like the idea from another submission about TAP forms being required for priority boarding.

I would still not support increasing the number of cars past 28 however.
who are they
Comment by curious on 9th June 2013
Just wondering how many of the cars coming from Cortes are actually Cortesians heading for appointments, or are there a bunch of tourists in the mix? No to more vehicles, no to more assured loading.
All about me, again
Comment by David Cox on 9th June 2013
I'm an outer-islander. Takes way more effort and timing for me to get to town and, I suppose, I would like special treatment because of that....who wouldn't? So maybe the advisory committee should make some consideration but not necessarily what was requested?
Simple solution
Comment by Bob Lasby on 8th June 2013
Have the scheduled 8:30 AM arrival moved back to 8:15 by moving Cortez departure back.
This will put Cortesians on equal footing with quadraites even without assured loading!
Cortez sailings
Comment by Kelly jensen on 5th June 2013
Yes to increase in number of vehicles and NO to increase on assured sailings.
respectfully not
Comment by Mark on 4th June 2013
they chose to live where they live, so far they have the two days, and im ok with that. It is sort of like saying the people who live furthest out of town get to speed without consequence because it may take them longer to get to town if they did the speed limit. which brings the next topic they always speed and pass at high rates on Petes stretch to the ferry and would step over there own mothers to get one car ahead of another cortesian in line
Fair is fair!!
Comment by What?? on 4th June 2013
I feel like once you have lived on this island for even a week you know the ferry schedule and can plan ALL your appointments around this not the same when you live on Cortes? I chose to live over here... I don't ask to be let on the ferry first for that reason... I make my plans and leave early to ensure I make it.... I'm NEVER pleased when I miss the ferry as 24 cars who ( because of where they chose to live ) are loaded before me.
So before anything is considered for the Cortes ferry traffic I think that we as quadra residents should get priority loading over anyone who may be considered a "non local" on the quadra side and campbell river side
Fair is fair right?
Maybe we should ask for our own quadra cashier in superstore because we have a ferry to catch and need to go in front of those who don't.....
why the 9?
Comment by robyn on 4th June 2013
I can acquiesce to the request for 28 vs. 24 cars on the two sailings Cortesians already have assured loading on, but another 9 am assured loading day means Cortesians would be getting 3/5 of the weekday 9 am sailings. Not proper for an island with a smaller population than ours. If they need assured loading, perhaps the 11 am sailing? On Wednesday or Friday?
Assured Loading
Comment by Brenda on 4th June 2013
Go ahead and up the cars from 24 to 28 as I already thought it was the max vehicles from the Cortez run anyways. Not in favor of adding another day as most of us have conceded Monday and Thursday mornings to Cortez now and don't wish to lose another day!
Assured loading extra day
Comment by Quadra Guy and Gal on 4th June 2013
We do not support additional vehicles to 28 nor do we support any additional assured loading days for Cortesians. We Quadraites do not get assured loading during the summer when the tourists are filling the lineups with their motorhomes and campers.
No! and N0!
Comment by Another old-timer on 4th June 2013
If Cortes people paid prortionately for their crossing to Quadra what we pay to go to Campbell River I suspect we would not be having this discussion. They are a pampered lot . No more.
what next
Comment by old timer on 3rd June 2013
NO NO NO next thing you know they will be wanting 4 days, then 5 days. We were generous enough giving them 2. Quadra folks don't get priority leaving Campbell River. We often get stuck having way longer days in CR than we planned because of crazy lineups. So, ya, suck it up. We have to if we miss the 9 because of Cortes traffic!
Ferry privilages
Comment by lm on 3rd June 2013
I am in support of upping the # of car spaces on the existing priority sailings, (and those should be for residents only) but definitely not in increasing the number of assured loading sailings. As a Quadra resident, I do not get to enjoy priority boarding on subsequent sailings I take from Nanaimo, no matter what the reason for my travel.
Cars yes, days no.
Comment by Quadraite on 2nd June 2013
I'm ok with adding the total number of Cortez ferry cars onto the C.R. ferry, makes sense. I am not in favour of adding any more days of assured loadings.
assured loading
Comment by a person from Heriot Bay on 2nd June 2013
I am not in favour of assured loading for Cortes you choose where you want to live suck it up
Cortes priority loading
Comment by Michael Mascall on 1st June 2013
Hi I support the Cortesians request for a 3rd assured loading ferry time/week... and also their request for 28 vehicle loading. They are our neighbours and contribute a lot to our Discovery islands culture...lets help them out... as Quadranians, we can plan accordingly...
Bumping outer islanders off the ferry
Comment by Judith Wright on 1st June 2013
It must be very frustrating for Cortesians to have no control of their trip after they park their vehicle in the ferry lineup the night before in order to assure their loading on the first leg of their journey in the morning, If they don’t connect with the 9:00am Quadra ferry because of heavy Quadra traffic, they are delayed an hour. On the other hand, when they off load in town at 10:30, they still have six and a half hours to conduct their business. They could walk on or take the Cortes Connection to get an extra hour.
Contrast this with the Outer Islanders, who don’t have the luxury of a ferry for the first leg of their trip. If they leave home around 7:00am, (at the first hint of light in the winter), boat several miles to the nearest road end, then drive for the same amount of time as the Cortesians are relaxing on the ferry, they can hope to catch the 9:00am ferry. Slow logging trucks on the road ahead of them, downed trees, ice and snow, plus ferry overloads often nix that plan and they wait, like the Cortesians, for the 10:00am sailing.
For most of the year, the Outer Islanders must return on the 3:30 ferry, at the latest, in order to drive to the road end, transfer freight to their boats, and make the return boat trip safely before complete dark. That gives the islanders only four and a half hours in town if they catch the 10:00am sailing in the morning. Two hours less time than the Cortesians. Although the trip does not cost as much in ferry fares for the Outer Islanders, they must maintain boats and docks, which cost much more than a lifetime of ferry tickets.
My point is – you live on an island! Please, don’t bump other islanders off the ferry sailing that we work so hard to catch. There is inconvenience attached to the many benefits you get from your choice of an island lifestyle. Suck it up and do what REAL islanders do – take it as it comes, make no appointments too early in the day, and enjoy your trip to town.
Ugh! Here we go again!
Comment by Heather on 1st June 2013
The only way I would support either of these requests is if QUADRA ISLAND RESIDENTS got assured loading!! I have missed important medical appointments due to ferry overloads and Cortes assured loading getting priority. My question is this-why do Cortes residents get assured loading but Quadra residents do not? Are Cortes residents' medical appointments more important than ours?
No to priority loading
Comment by a quadra islander on 30th May 2013
I do not take the ferry daily, and usually try to choose a day other than a Monday or Thursday because of the current Cortes Assured loading. As the summer months hit I will also try to avoid the weekend days so as not to get caught in overloads. As well I take into consideration the Dangerous Cargo Tuesdays, that leaves Wednesday for the easiest day to travel on.
I am not in favour of any more assured loading days for Cortes. Thank You
priority load
Comment by quadra resident on 30th May 2013
If there is going to be any priority loading it should be for medical services only, a completed tap form should be presented and it should be for both Quadra and Cortes residents. Cortes priority loading does not only effect the 9 am ferry it continues to effect sailings for most of those mornings. And in the summer it is tourists who are getting priority loading. I am offended by preferential treatment.
9 am ferry
Comment by Amber on 30th May 2013
The 9 am ferry is a more popular ferry in general. I understand why Cortesians would desired assured loading more often, but I do not think it is fair to ask this of the Quadrites. For those of us with kids in school, we don't have 17 sailings to choose from. We can't go any earlier than 9am (we have to see our kids off to school) and must return on the 1:30 ferry (to be home in time for bus drop off). That is a very small window to get the many errands/appointments done in. By all means, increase the number of assured from 24-28 so that every Cortesian getting on in Cortes is guaranteed a spot on the existing assured loading days. That makes logical sense. But do not increase the number of days. PLEASE!
Comment by jack on 30th May 2013
thinking cortes should get first crack at every 9am sailing is hilarious. they get 2 already and can plan accoringly to that. I agree with upping the vehicle numbers but come on...... whats next??
Assured loading
Comment by Tara on 30th May 2013
The only way that I could muster up even the most miniscule support for either of these options would be if there was a similar assured loading for Quadra residents, on both the CR and Quadra side of the ferry. The frequent rebuttal when Quadra residents complain about fares or lack of service is that we choose to live on an island and should accept the consequences of that (fare increases, waits, expenses and lack of access to services, etc). If that's the case, shouldn't Cortesians be asked to bear the same responsibility for their choices? Less ferry service would be one more way to push Quadra families off island as parents would be unable to get to town for work or appointments.
Disgusted Ferry Customer
Comment by Bob Lasby on 30th May 2013
Here we go again! Cortez with 1/3 the population of Quadra, wants more assured loadings. When they settled on Cortez they knew what they were getting into, so why ask for more favors now?
From our breakfast table we can observe the arrival of the 8:30 AM ferry from Cortez, which is late at least half the time, particularly on Mondays and Thursdays. It looks suspiciously like the captain is taking advantage of the assured loading?
I am absolutely opposed to further assured loading for Cortezians, and hope that many others will contact Paul Ryan to express thier dismay at the possibility of further erosion of ferry service for Quadraites.
Priority loading
Comment by A.D. on 30th May 2013
I support increasing the number of vehicules to 28 but I do not support moving to 3 assured loading sailings per week.
assured loading
Comment by audrey on 29th May 2013
I am in favour of increasing the number of spaces but not for increasing the number of days.
Just an aside, a previous comment has referred to Assured loading as Priority Loading which is different and happens on the Campbell River side.
Comment by Tania on 28th May 2013
I am fine with increasing the number of cars. As for adding another day, I would have to say, in my opinion, Wednesday would be better as Tuesday are already busy with the Dangerous Cargo Sailings. Thank you for the opportunity to provide input.
re- assured Cortesians
Comment by Terry Peebles on 28th May 2013
I support assured loading for 28 cars but not an additional 9:00 a.m sailing. Why not another time if it is needed ?
Assured sailings
Comment by n ancy essig on 28th May 2013
Keep # of assured spaces to 24 as not everyone on the ferry is going to Camp. River. I am ok with adding on an additional day of assured sailings as it is the neighborly thing to do.
Priority loading
Comment by Kelly on 27th May 2013
I support the increase to 28 cars but only if they are truly Cortes residents not tourists jumping the line as I a local Quadra resident is left behind. I do not support the 3 rd sailing per week .
cortes assured loading
Comment by john arnold on 27th May 2013
I have no problem going to 28 vehicles. I do object to an increase in sailings . Next thing, they'll want another, then assured loading in Campbell river. I'm sorry, but they knew the schedule when they moved to Cortes. people on Quadra have schedules too. You make allowances for ferry traffic.
Comment by Deb on 27th May 2013
I support the increase of the number of vehicles, but I do not support the additional day. Unless the Cortesians are willing to opp 5:25 pm sailing on Fridays from CR for us Quadra people.
Cortes Assured Sailings
Comment by terry on 27th May 2013
There definitely should be assured sailings for Cortes travelers. I think they should get first crack at every 9:00 AM sailing