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General · 8th June 2013
Emily Keller
Target: Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia
Sponsored by: Island Residents & Local Business

Tell the British Columbia government to put healthy communities and intact ecosystems ahead of corporate logging profits.

It’s time include local values in land use planning. In the Discovery Islands citizens are calling for change. Why now?

For decades, BC government policies have allowed the forest industry to log with impunity. In recent years local communities have transitioned the Discovery Islands economy from logging to nature-based tourism that sustains families and biodiversity – but this progress is at risk.

Why now?

Clear cut logging plans in some of the area’s last remaining pristine corridors will be approved June 14 – unless a massive public outcry convinces government to hold off and enact a comprehensive and community-inclusive land use planning process.

Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory mapping is underway for the Discovery Islands, and a new land-use plan will benefit this area, as well as providing a model for better forest management in other coastal communities. But we need to act fast to save critically vulnerable sites.

Christy Clark’s government has shown themselves to be susceptible to public opinion. Help us tell the new BC government that real planning for local jobs, families, and environment is more important than short term logging profits.

Ask Christy Clark to please immediately halt proposed clearcuts in the Discovery Island’s remaining pristine corridors and initiate an area-wide land use plan that balances community, economic and environmental values.

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For more info:

Discovery Islands Marine Tourism Group:

Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping Project:

Comment by Robyn Budd on 11th June 2013
I very much appreciate your group's efforts on behalf of all who value and depend on our islands' natural environment. Thank you for standing up to corporate interests and insisting that land use discussions expand to include all who live and work here. While 'pristine' is fast becoming a relative term thanks to the impacts of resource extraction, losing what remains will have serious and far-reaching consequences.
The economy is indeed a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, as someone on Quadra famously said!
Harvesting and logging
Comment by Another old-timer on 9th June 2013
Pristine Corridors-what a load of crap! All of these areas are second -growth and will regenerate just the same after eco-groups have skimmed their milk and dissappeared.