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General · 16th June 2013
Paul Ryan
This is your last opportunity to put your "two bits" in re the assured loading debate for Cortesians. Just follow the prompts on the top left hand corner of the front page. Many thanks to those who participated. I'll let you know the results once they are tabulated.
yes /yes, but good luck!
Comment by Helene on 23rd June 2013
I just wanted to point out that times are changing and it is harder for all of us to make the ferry in the summer.Cortesians cannot get up earlier to make the Quadra ferry (actually a lot of them have to park their car on the hill the night before just to get an assured loading ticket in the morning )Quadrites! for the benefit of all; if you can: stay off the odd hour sailings! choose your appointments a little earlier or later in the day,so as to minimize the risk of you or them having to miss a boat.If you must travel on the odd sailings,get there before quarter to the hour, or better yet,watch the web cam and go when it's lighter traffic hours. a little compassion and co-operation goes a long way...
No to extra assured loading
Comment by Gowlland Harbour resident on 21st June 2013
Have we forgotten that the recent BC Ferries survey on how to reduce overall costs focused on trying to eliminate some runs? What were the results of that survey? It seems ludicrous to me to consider adding another assured loading day without knowing whether this may occur.
The idea of giving assured loading priority to Cortes residents over Cortes tourists at the ferry terminal sounds like a nightmare. If I were an unknowing tourist, I would be furious!
I avoid the 9 A.M. ferry on Monday & Thursday, if possible. If I need to be on that ferry, I definitely arrive early. I do not want to be further inconvenienced because Cortes residents - who knew & chose what they were getting into when they moved there - want more privileges.
As for increasing the number of Cortes cars accepted for the assured loading from 24 to 28, I have no problem with this but I am puzzled how this number of 24 was arrived at in the first place. If the Cortes ferry holds 28 cars, why were they not all included?
Glass Houses 2
Comment by Robyn Budd on 19th June 2013
Thanks for that, Nancy! I've also been surprised at the sneering tone of some of the responses. Seems our Cortes neighbours were just posing a question, something some of the respondents obviously didn't quite catch.
By the way, I'm in favour in increasing the number of vehicles for Cortes but not so keen on adding another 9am priority loading.
Glass Houses
Comment by nancy essig on 19th June 2013
I am surprised at the # of "They knew what they were getting into when they moved to an Island" comments. Isn't that the same crap spouted by everyone who doesn't live on an island when we try to protest ferry fare increases? How do you like it when it is directed at you. I would never have thought there were so many small spirited people on this beautiful island.
Comment by hb on 18th June 2013
i personaly think that the ferry is " First Come First serve" ..if you in such a hurry to get to town then maybe island life isn't for you.. next think you know we'll all have to make reservations like on the big ferries and that would suck ...if you chose to live on cortes then you need to deal with two ferries thats the way it is.. the way its all ways been... deal with it
Cortes assured loading
Comment by terry moore on 17th June 2013
I am blown away by the lack of generosity displayed by local Quadra people in the comments section. The ferry from Quadra to Campbell belongs to both islands equally and access by Cortes folks is already limited particularly in the summer months. I wholeheartedly endorse a priority loading on the 9:00 am sailing every day of the week! We on Quadra have choices, Corteseans not so much.
Simple Solution
Comment by Bob Lasby on 17th June 2013
Change first sailing from Cortez to 15 minutes earlier every day. This will give Cortesians an equal chance with Quadraites, and make preferred loading unnecessary!