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General · 18th June 2013
Well Smart Workshop at Quadra Island Community Centre – July 6th.
It happens every year, right around the same time. Your water changes: color, clarity, maybe the taste, perhaps even the way it smells. Why? Your water comes from a well – your water supply comes from the ground and nature is your water manager – but you don’t have to be at the mercy of your environment. You can take charge!
On Saturday July 6th, from 6-9 pm at the Quadra Community Centre, North Island Labs and Last Drop Water Systems are sponsoring a Well Smart Workshop. Our goal is to help well owners understand not only the basics of wells and groundwater use, but specific issues facing islanders, such as salt water intrusion and the presence of boron, fluoride and arsenic. WellSmart outlines what regulations apply to well owners and what can be done to keep wells up to code and water supplies free of contamination. Instruction will be given to help well owners troubleshoot water quality issues, how to pinpoint what to test for and learn to interpret and apply lab results. Doors open at 6pm, presentation to begin at 7 pm, refreshments to be provided.
An expert panel of industry members will be present to contribute to the discussion.
Red Williams from Red Williams Well Drilling and Tom Curial from Four-Cea Services are both qualified water well drillers and pump installers, each with decades of experience in the industry. Rick Milne, from The Last Drop Water System also a Qualified Water Well Pump Installer has successfully helped many Quadra Island residents optimize their water systems over the years.
Gary Anderson from VIHA Environmental Health Department will be available to answer questions from a regulatory context as well as providing water quality information. Catherine Black from North Island Labs, an ISO1705 accredited laboratory has been testing well water since 1994, will be able to answer questions on water quality and the interpretation of water test reports. Ministry of Environment, Water Quality Branch will be providing an information table.
Suppliers for the drinking water industry; Andrew Sheret, PSI (Pump Systems Incorporated) and Van Isle Water will either be present to answer questions or have information tables available.
Red Williams, Tom Curial, Rick Milne and Catherine Black are also long time members of the BC Groundwater Association and the BC Water and Wastewater Association.
For anyone interested in testing their well water, sampling kits with a 10% discount voucher will be supplied at the Saturday workshop. Free shipping will also be offered to anyone who is able to drop samples off Sunday afternoon at the Community Centre between 2 pm – 3 pm. Samples received will be delivered to the lab Monday morning.

Why is this important? Because as homeowners, we know you care about the health and safety of your friends and family and protecting the environment. To put things in perspective, businesses on the island, which serve the public any type of food or beverages must have their water tested twice a month to ensure that no one becomes ill from water-borne bacteria. Who would be responsible if your water made some one sick? Would you think an annual water test to be too expensive, too often, or too much trouble? Having your own water supply means you are responsible for the safety of the water you drink. You are your own water manager and no one else is in charge of the monitoring program. So why are you putting it off? Get Well Smart.

For more information please call Anne Milne at 250-285-3415 or email Catherine Black at