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General · 25th July 2013
Maureen McDowell
The first tenants moved in to Seniors Housing three years ago in December. This housing community (2 duplexes with a total of 4 couples) is a positive component of our healthy community, and was built by Quadra Islanders through donations of cash and labour. The capital expense of a project as complex as this, makes it an outstanding achievement. Well done Quadra!!

When the dust settled from construction in 2011, the Board began the interesting job of managing the complex. Since there has been, so far, very little physical maintenance of the buildings, and the property has matured into a greenscape, the main focus of the Board has been fiscal management.

After construction, every management decision was new to the Board and needed to be considered: how to keep the tenants happy in their new homes, water tests, insurance coverage, sewer charges that jumped far past budgeted numbers, protocol on what if and when something will happen then what is the intention of the Board. Many items have been worked through in the last three years, well considered by an efficient and compatible Board.. Fiscal responsibility and the need to plan for the housing to be self-sustaining was high on the agenda.

One of the key aims of the Board has been to pay down the mortgage debt. After receiving several donations in the last three years, the principle of the borrowed money has been reduced to a level where it is possible to go forward again with the mandate of the Society: “To provide accommodation suited to those seniors who wish to remain on the island.” It is always a hard decision to take on a large capital project and Boards who make these decisions often agonize on how and when construction should be undertaken. As incentive, the wait list for living at Seniors Housing has several seniors patiently hoping for a place to call home.

Your Quadra Island Seniors Housing Society Board has been working on this decision over the last few months. While the Society is not able to build a whole duplex at this time, with a leap of faith (that is how good things happen), we can contemplate the next single unit (half of a duplex). As always, it is fiscally a fine line, and the Society is in need of some additional cash to build.

We would love to hear from anyone in the community with ideas on how to fundraise the shortfall. If you have been thinking of making a charitable donation on Quadra, the Senior Housing Society would appreciate you consideration of our project for a donation this year. Tax receipts are available for each donation.

While the Board is searching for those needed dollars, we have made the decision to build within our budget, with a new unit hopefully available in early 2014. So if you have been thinking that Seniors Housing would be a place for you to live, the Society encourages you to fill out an application and have your name added to the wait list. You must have been a resident of Quadra Island for the last two years to apply. You must be 65 years or older. If your partner or spouse is under 65, but you meet the age requirement, this is acceptable for application. To receive an application form please phone Nancy 285-2800 or Ruth 285-3801.

The present Board of Quadra Island Housing Society has eight Directors: Heather Adams, Nancy Allwarden, Ruth Amiabel, Val Barr, Al Beattie, Jerry Enns, Perry Johnston, and Maureen McDowell. Any of the Directors would be happy to answer questions about Seniors Housing, and its role in a healthy, happy community. Donations may be mailed to Quadra Island Seniors Housing, Box 535, Quathiaski Cove, V0P 1H0. Watch the local media for updates on when construction will begin. Everyone involved in Seniors Housing thanks the community for their support and appreciates the caring that allows islanders to remain on Quadra as they age.

Hint, hint!
Comment by A GB editor on 25th July 2013
How about posting a picture or two? Oh, and congratulations to everyone – you have a lot to be proud of!