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General · 2nd August 2013
M van Toor
The new Quadra Island library branch, which opened its doors at Quathiaski Cove just over a year ago, raised a few eyebrows when its first year activity report was reviewed by Rosemary Bonanno, executive director of Vancouver Island Regional Library.
“Quadra's library usage is almost off the charts,” said Bonanno. “The new branch is a phenomenal hit!
“Figures show that the number of library visitors has almost doubled, membership has risen 24%, participation rates in programs have close to tripled, and computers have seen a 175% increase in use,” she added.
Brenda Leigh, vice-chair of the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board and trustee for Strathcona, said that performance of the new library is a lot better than anticipated.
“The community of Quadra Island obviously loves their new library. The performance statistics speak for themselves,” said Leigh.
“I’ve been so impressed with how our Vancouver Island Regional Library Board has identified in their facilities plan the need for improved library facilities. Our board made a plan and our management staff has been working very hard to make these wonderfully refreshed, modernized libraries and services available to both urban and rural communities in our very large regional library system,” she said.
Jim Abram, regional director for Area C, which includes Quadra Island, expressed his gratitude to the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board for the new library branch.
“We love our new library, and we really appreciate the work of our library representative Brenda Leigh who, I know, has been working hard to see that both rural and urban libraries are upgraded. Quadra really appreciates what our library board has provided for us," said Abram.
The new 3,009 sq. ft. library branch is more than three times the size of the old branch at Heriot Bay and features a welcoming, airy and bright, fully accessible community space with large windows and room for more books, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, and computers. There is also a small space to display local art.
Ceiling art
Comment by Robyn on 14th August 2013
Another reason to say thanks to Ed – next time you're in the library, look up and love the art!
Comment by michael thedogguy on 13th August 2013
It is Ed Fisher who did the work building the Library and who suggested that the move would be beneficial to the community.

Mr. Fisher caught a lot of flack back then, and some people were flat out on the attack!

An apology is in order I do believe because the stats are in. It was a good move, and Ed saw it before the rest of us. Excellent work Ed! Thank you. MH
forgetting something
Comment by jude on 13th August 2013
It seems to me that you overlooked a major issue in your article........ The Wonderful Staff at the library on Quadra!!!!
Comment by hb on 5th August 2013
thats funny i remember when the news came out that they were gonna close the old one in heriot bay and move it to the cove.. people screamed bloody murder and how could they do this and blah blah..funny how things change