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General · 2nd August 2013
susan westren
At just before 3pm yesterday which was the deadline for accepting bids, the Province submitted a new offer to purchase our heart of the parks - that 395 hectares which lie between Small Inlet and Octopus Islands Marine Parks. The process of acquiring this land, which has gone on for so long and been stalled again and again over the past year, is very thankfully still alive.

The Minister of the Environment Mary Polak did not find that needed $2 million. She did support the wonderful work of the staff at BC Parks Acquisition Branch who found a new partner at the last moment to join into this complicated deal with Merrill and Ring.

We can be very grateful for their commitment and perseverance.

It’s clear that the pressure put on the government through the letters written and the last few days of media coverage played a big part in this step which has kept our hopes alive. Heartfelt thanks goes to all who wrote or added their names to the Sierra BC website letter and to all of those who contacted the government in other ways, Claire Trevena and Jim Abram amongst them.

The government’s offer will go forward along with any other offers which Merrill and Ring have received and will be considered by their board over the next few weeks to a month. We are waiting again with baited breath and crossed fingers. The legacy which Judy Leiscester wanted to leave may still come about.

Here is a link to the Vancouver Sun article by Stephen Hume which brought the park or non park circumstances to the attention of the other media. Also below are links to the two articles in the Times Colonist. The approaching deadline was also covered by All Points West for three days this week and by CFAX 1070 radio in Victoria.