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General · 13th September 2013
Kim Zapshala
When it comes to determining the viability of a new business, entrepreneurs are often at a loss for real evidence that their services are both needed and will be supported by local residents. An excellent way to get this critical information is to ask those who would directly influence success – you, the potential customers.
At the Cove Centre we're currently looking at a variety of businesses to fill the space that will be vacant next year when People’s Drug Mart moves to their new location in Q Cove. (See the next article on the Frontpage for details).

We're keen to see that new businesses are a good match for the needs of Quadra Islanders. Informal conversations with residents have shown that a veterinary clinic, a fitness centre, and additional restaurant choices would be welcome additions.
We’d like your help in getting it right, so we are asking you “What type of business or service do you see a need for and would support?"

Please let us know by clicking on the 'Write a Comment' option at the end of this article and sharing your opinion. We appreciate your input in helping determine the most positive choice for a new business at Cove Centre in the summer of 2014.
new business on Quadra
Comment by Helene on 17th October 2013
an excellent Bakery.
Comment by lissy on 3rd October 2013
A gym would be the nicest thing :)
Comment by Annik on 3rd October 2013
An affordable gym/fitness centre would be great!
green store
Comment by gib on 3rd October 2013
how about a green store with items such as solar panels renewable energy products led lights wind generators up to the date products that will improve the quality of life for quadra islanders.

a vet? a gym? what are u guys on glue, we have a gym already on the island .. and gyms are weak. as for a vet there are plenty of vets in town that we conveniently have a ferry going to every hour..

seriously why not put up a business that actually pushing our island forward to become more sustainable and green friendly. offer a wide variety of hemp products that are eco friendly and not available here. offer some items that we cant currently buy on the island. a gym? common people we tried that and it failed, mayb because noone wants to work out in a sweaty building when we have the beautiful outdoors all around us.

expand our brains to imagine change and progression not stuck in the same old rut. just my 2 cents.
Affordable gym
Comment by Naomi on 3rd October 2013
My vote is for an affordable gym!
a vet please!
Comment by Tara on 2nd October 2013
Even a few days a week would be great.
New gym
Comment by T.Alexander on 2nd October 2013
A new gym with classes:))) please!
Comment by Kim on 2nd October 2013
I would love to see an affordable gym/fitness centre back in the cove!
Comment by alli on 2nd October 2013
affordable gym
Fitness centre
Comment by Heather on 28th September 2013
I would love to see a fitness centre at the cove!
a VET would be good
Comment by Linda on 22nd September 2013
Yes - a vet would be very welcome!
Yes! A vet!
Comment by Gowlland Harbour resident on 17th September 2013
I totally agree that a veterinarian clinic would be a great business to add to Quadra.
Vet gets my vote
Comment by Paul Ryan on 15th September 2013
It would be great if there was enough business here to support a veterinary practice. It would be even greater if we could convince the vet to live on Quadra so that he/she could be available for after hours emergency calls!
I vote for a vet
Comment by Robyn Budd on 15th September 2013
Seems a vet clinic could be a great service for the island. Is there enough business to sustain a veterinary practice here? And by the way, can the space be divided?