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General · 8th October 2013
Val Grant
The Garden Club topic on Monday October 21st 7 pm is herbs: how to grow, harvest, and use them in our kitchens. Brian Crumblehulme is a columnist for Island Tides newspaper. Many islanders enjoy his informative articles on island life, growing food, and cooking local produce, meat and wine. He will present his talk from an interesting background. He and his wife, Mary began the first commercial herb farm on the Gulf Islands in 1981, supplying Canada Safeway for four years. Brian has a background in Biology, Chemistry and Medical Technology. He is a former Chef and has taught college courses on food and cooking. He is currently writing a book titled ‘The Paradox of Good Food”. He is the Island Trustee for Mayne Island and calls himself a dancer, actor and theatre director. Sounds like a dynamic island lifestyle, and he expresses this complexity in his newspaper articles. Join us for an interesting evening - a ‘how to’ on self sufficiency by growing, preparing and eating a healthier diet. Have you read his Broccoli Beneforte article in the September 26th Island Tides - have a look you will enjoy his writing.

The change in weather at the autumn equinox also changes our appetites when we focus on preparing warmer dishes. Celebrate your Thanksgiving - a time when many of us eat heartily from our gardens, a time for sharing light around our homes with our family and friends. For the show and tell table please bring something from your garden: flowers, some perfect carrots, or a large ‘show off’ squash. Now is the season to winterize your water systems so don’t forget to drain and put away those hoses soon. Annual membership is $10, $15 for family. Drop Ins $2.