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General · 17th October 2013
Maureen McDowell
New Unit
The fifth unit at Seniors Housing is nearing completion. After a summer of steady construction, the drywall has been installed, and the new tenant will be ready to move in on December 1. This single home was made possible by several donations over the last year. The Society received a memorial donation from the Byers family, in memory of Clarence Byers. The Strathcona Regional District, on the recommendation of Director Jim Abram, processed a grant from VIHA which is given to promote healthy communities and to help with housing. Thanks Jim. Telus and its local employee, have again given an annual charitable donation to Seniors Housing. Tru Value Stores in Heriot Bay and the Cove donate 1% of your purchases to community groups. Thanks to Seniors Housing supporters for donating your Tru Value points. Mary Thompson and Jack La Rue have mowed the lawn for the Society for the past two years as a donation to the project. The Seniors Housing Society are thankful for all of these donations which add up, and allow a local Senior to move into a brand new home. The Society was able to bring the existing mortgage down so refinancing was possible, the contractor was available to do the work this summer, and there was a waiting list of Seniors hoping to move into this positive community environment. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible

The property at 709 O’Connor road may be allowed to add one more unit. Instead of building a duplex at the last building site, only a single unit was possible due to water levels and soil structure. To build the sixth unit, the Society will have to apply for another Development Permit from the Regional District. These processes always take considerable time. The future plans are to pay down the debt again and to prepare the legal work to build another unit (eventually when our finances permit). If you have been thinking of making a charitable donation on Quadra, the Senior Housing Society would appreciate your consideration of our project this year. Tax receipts are available. Please mail donations to Quadra Island Seniors Housing, Box 535, Quathiaski Cove, V0P 1N0.

If you have been thinking that Seniors Housing would be a place for you to live, the Society encourages you to fill out an application and have your name added to the wait list. You must have been a resident of Quadra Island for the last two years to apply. You must be 65 years or older. If your partner or spouse is under 65, but you meet the age requirement, this is acceptable for application. To receive an application form please phone Heather at (250) 285-2553.

The present Board of Quadra Island Housing Society has eight Directors: Heather Adams, Nancy Allwarden, Ruth Amiabel, Val Barr, Al Beattie, Jerry Enns, Perry Johnston, and Maureen McDowell. Any of the Directors would be happy to answer questions about Seniors Housing, and its role in a healthy, happy community. Everyone involved in Seniors Housing thanks you, our community, for your support. We appreciate the caring that allows islanders to remain on Quadra as they age.

We would also like to mention the great accomplishments of Quadra Circle. This group of volunteers are helping Seniors to live a more comfortable life in their own homes. Quadra Circle is looking after food, housing, and transportation assistance for seniors, as well as planning for assisted living on Quadra sometime in the future. Great work, Quadra Circle, and thanks for looking after our community when we need help.