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General · 6th November 2013
Paul Ryan
I've changed my mind! As many of you know, when this topic came up before, I was totally against yet another bylaw because I thought that people would do the right thing and be responsible for their dog's behaviour. I was wrong. Most of us do in fact, look after our dogs, and give them lots of exercise, discipline and affection. Unfortunately, some of us don't. These dogs are bored, restless and in some cases, extremely aggressive. Some of them are left outside during the day when no one is home and launch themselves at unsuspecting passersby and their dogs.
We have had several incidents in the past few months where aggressive dogs have attacked others, often with their owners in plain sight. The owner's response has been to do nothing, or make some lame attempt to break it up , instead of stepping in and chastising their dog for inappropriate and unacceptable behavior. In one case, this behaviour resulted in the attacked dog being euthanized. As in DEAD.
I've had enough. My dog was attacked the other day as I was walking out of the wood lot at the end of Fox rd. Two dogs came charging across the street and one of them attacked my dog. The owner, who was standing right there, said that his dog had never done that before. YEAH RIGHT! He did nothing to stop the dog and it was only my intervention that prevented a major injury.
I think it's time we had a serious conversation about a dog bylaw. We can design it so that it is appropriate for our island. We don't have to take some generic bylaw from some other jurisdiction and plug it in. I think it's time that dog owners take responsibility for their dog's actions and if their dog screws up, the owners get fined, big time. If it continues, the dog is put down, and the owner gets a major fine. (I personally feel it should be reversed!)
Let's be clear here. (this is being added after the first posting) I'm not talking about a bylaw which would require that you leash your dog. I'm talking about a bylaw which would require that dog owners be responsible for their dog's behaviour. It may require that in order to do that, they have to leash their dog. It may not. I don't have to leash my dogs because I can control them without a leash. They get way more exercise, socialize with other dogs and are a lot less aggressive when they are not on a leash!
I would also like to thank Jim Abram for bringing this up. I know it is a very touchy subject for some people and he will get both barrels from both sides. But we have to do something folks. Dogs and people are being attacked on a regular basis. It happened again yesterday!
Re: Dog Bylaw
Comment by Tracy on 13th April 2014
As a dog owner, I can only state categorically that it is utterly offensive to not only leave your dog' s poo ANYWHERE - it should be picked up at all times! - but to allow your dog to behave badly in any form is unacceptable. Agressive dogs MUST be kept under control, as well as overly friendly jump on you kind of dogs. Unfortunately, bad owners are just that. Bad owners. It is not the fault of the dog. The problem with a bylaw is that it won't eliminate the bad behavior, those inconsiderate people will continue to do as they wish without any concern for their neighbors or community. That is always the way. But now everyone will be penalized. If my non-aggressive dog is offleash will I be fined? If my dog is under control at all times, if all their poop is scooped, will I still be penalized by a bylaw that prohibits me from bringing them anywhere? Bad behavior is difficult to correct with a law. The rude selfish dog owners out there are going to ruin it for everyone. I suggest that bad dog behavior be adressed on an individual basis. If someone doesn't pick up their dog's poo and you witness it, take their picture and post for all to see! Maybe that will change their mind. If a dog attacks you or your dog they should be reported immediately - to whom? Spca in CR? Do they have jurisdiction here? The dog should NOT be put down, it should be taken from the owner after multiple warnings. Do not blame the dog, it is not it's fault. I am sure if you or your dog is injured you could also report it to the rcmp. Have them deal with that owner. But don't lump every dog into the same category. Most are gentle and well behaved and respond to their owners. I came from the city where it is illegal to tie my non agressive dog outside a store for even 5 minutes. Let's not create the same fascist situation here.
more dog shit
Comment by luise grav on 20th November 2013
I live in the Cove and can attest to the constant grossness of dog piles everywhere. I see people walking their dogs and watching as they deposit fragrant piles on their neighbour's front lawns, driveways, public walkways and rest stops. One day I saw a woman watch affectionately as her dog shat on the play area of a family with 3 small children. It never stops.....One day I came home to a turd right in front of my gate.....what are they thinking?

when I told one dog owner I saw allowing his dog to dump on on a public area where children often play that it wasn't fair to impose this on his community, he told me to go back to the city, that they lived on Quadra so they didn't have to deal with their dog's shit and that's how it's done here.

I would also like to say that aggressive dogs off-leash are not the only problem. Over-friendly dogs can also be a problem, especially to small children. I don't want the attentions of wet, enthusiastic dogs pawing and/or jumping on me and I don't think we should have to tolerate it. I have been in situations on trails, where large,muddy, excited dogs have run at me and jumped up repeatedly with their forepaws up on my shoulders and snapping at my face......the owners standing by and laughing and when I yell at them to call their dog off, they act all offended and say that I have a problem and their dog means no harm and is only playing......

I don't like the idea of bylaws either, but when some huge,hairy monster, covered in mud and dripping, bounds out of the ditch and jumps all over the 3 year-old who is skipping along beside me and knocks her to the ground and spoils our walk so we have to go home to change her wet clothes and the dog owner watches her dog do this and makes no attempt to control it and doesn't apologize or even seem to realize that it has something to do with her.....what can we do?.....
dog shit
Comment by luise grav on 20th November 2013
To the tune of "I Love to Go A Wandering":

I love to go a wandering
Along Rebecca Spit
But when I go, I hate to step
In all that doggie shit.

Falderiiii , falderaaaa
Faldera ha ha ha ha haha haha haaaaaaa...
In all that doggie shit.
What happened to dissent?
Comment by nancy essig on 9th November 2013
Sorry Paul, you started this discourse. Are you telling me that the only way to have an opinion worthy of public print is to agree with you. I will never agree to putting down someones pet if it is twice off a leash and I do not want bylaws. What else is there to say. If you want to stir the pot, go ahead, but expect some to not agree with you. As crazy as that seems.
Re No Bylaws
Comment by Paul Ryan on 8th November 2013
Nancy, You are way out of line here. I suggest you email me and we can have this conversation in private!
NO BYLAWS!!!!!!!!
Comment by nancy essig on 8th November 2013
Paul, your dogs are never on a leash. Bylaws once given ingress to our community, tend to snowball into ridiculous forms. No cock crow in the morn, no cats in the garden, no mills to harvest lumber, no chainsaws, no parties, nonono. Paul, I think you should get a volunteer position so you have something to do with your time. Respectfully.
It's not just attacks – it's poop too!
Comment by Robyn Budd on 8th November 2013
Gypsy Mama raises a good point – the poop factor is a big deal in shared spaces on the island. I've picked errant dog poop out of my bike tires, off my driveway, out of my front yard, and off too many pairs of shoes to mention. The ol' stoop and scoop thing is overlooked by way too many dog owners on the island. One of the worst places for poop is in the Cove – on sidewalks, yes, but also in the green space beside Tru Value Foods where people often sit to eat lunch and kids often play. Like, ew! What's with this, Quadra doggie people?
I'm a dog person too, and I'm delighted this conversation is finally happening. It's time to make some changes 'round here!
How about an option of just plain yes?
Comment by Gypsy Mama on 8th November 2013
Poll Suggestion re dogs: How about an option of just plain yes, without having to justify that there's been attacks.
The simple rudeness of people letting dogs run loose without owners scooping poop is an offensive issue and far too common. There's been many occasions I saw dog piles on the sidewalk infront of the shops, beside the bank etc.
Dogs with aggression issues need to be muzzled when out for walks, to reduce the concern about injuries and provide safety for all.
Dog Bylaw
Comment by Al Beattie on 7th November 2013
I agree with Paul. I cycle daily up Smiths and south along H. B. and Cape Mudge. I have been attacked a few times by on-the-loose dogs coming out from a property on the west side of Cape Mudge Road. On the positive side, I find that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and keep their pets under control.