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General · 22nd November 2013
Sierra Quadra and Mark Wunsch
On Saturday November 23 join Sierra Quadra and local marine biologist Mark Wunsch for ‘The Mighty Herring’, a journey from the ancient past to the future of this great fish on our coast.
It all happens at the Quadra Community Centre. Mark's talk starts at 7:30pm, doors open at 7. Admission is by donation, and great treats are available as usual.
Herring is not on everybody’s radar when we are talking important fish on the coast. But our pacific herring is a keystone species for our coastal ecosystem and for coastal First Nation’s culture. It feeds all major predators, from salmon and seabirds to sea lions and whales, and herring has been the first major fresh food crop after the long, dark winter for millennia.
The glorious times when herring stocks seemed endless and fueled an intense and lucrative fishery are history. Major stocks have been depleted and struggle with environmental changes at a fraction of their historic bounty. So, is there hope that they could bounce back once again as they have in the past?
Join Quadra’s marine biologist and media producer Mark Wunsch on his journey through time from the ancient past to today and into the future of our mighty herring. Mark works with the Herring School, a diverse team of scientists and coastal First Nations led by the Hakai Network for Coastal People, Ecosystems and Management. The Herring School works to understand the ecology and management of our herring stocks and to find solutions to reverse their decline.