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General · 26th November 2013
Al Beattie
Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society (QISES) would like to thank Tucker Dinnes for facilitating a much-needed and very successful visioning workshop at the Eco Center. Focus and direction were gained by individuals and the group as a whole. It was a great Saturday exercise.

QISES also thanks Tru-Value Foods for their fabulous points system and thanks those patrons who direct points towards salmon enhancement. We had a devastating cut from the federal government this summer such that the Eco Center was not operated as an educational site. Funds gained from the points system added greatly to our operating budget. The public should know that, even when the Center is closed, there are ongoing expenses such as electricity, insurance, tool purchase and maintenance, and stream keeping supplies. Points went toward conducting two Streamkeepers weekends where 6 (of 14) modules were taught.

People who did purchase memberships and/ or individual donors added to our funding and are greatly appreciated.

News in the media, CHEK, CTV Victoria and the Campbell River newspapers have had items of good work and great hope from all over the west coast and Vancouver Island. Recently items were about previously barren streams in Burnaby, Saanich, and along the east coast of Vancouver Island which have been rehabilitated and are now sporting salmon runs. One of our goals is to initiate contact with and possibly visit the streams of some of these enhancement groups. The C.A. (Community Advisor) system of DFO has been a source of information, funding and communication with some of these groups. We need to thank Stacey Larsen of Campbell River, moving on to another endeavour, for her support these past few months. Good luck going forward, Stacey.

Janis Mclean, our president, will be submitting a 2013 salmon count from the streams of Quadra Island. It was a good year for the chum and coho which spawn in our productive streams. Watch for it.

Al Beattie
Vice President, QISES