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General · 9th January 2014
Gypsy Mama
The dog leashing idea has too many people concerned about the wrong problem, that being the danger of dogs, aggressive or not, causing damage to other living beings. Imagine if there is a child walking within range of their parents, yet this large happy dog comes barrelling ahead of it's owner and in it's enthusiasm greeting another being, unintentionally does damage; the dog doesn't have to bite, it might not even be aggressive, it could just jump up in a playful greeting which easily knocks down a small child or adult. Leashes when walking in areas frequented by people prevents this type of frightful experience which can easily result in damage from the fall, lifetime fears of dogs etc.
In the case of aggressive dogs which bite, fining the owner doesn't do anything to improve public safety.
If you know your dog is aggressive there is an easy solution, and you as the owner have a responsibility to put a MUZZLE on that dog before you head out for your leash-free walks.
Honestly people, that's like putting a timer on when you have the casserole or cookies in the oven: your dog gets a sweet exercise, and every one is safe from potential bites.
Please people, muzzle your dog, if it has any tendency to growl or shows other indications of fear or aggression.
On a slightly different dog owner duty, SCOOP the POOP! How disgusting it is to get home after walking along Green Road, or by the shops at Q Cove and wonder what that smell is, only to discover that even though you don't own a dog and stayed on established walkways, you have stepped in that mess and now have to scrap your shoes!

As a mother of six children, I never let any of them poop in front of shops, or on pathways, and we also picked up toys where ever we have played. If parents can keep their children's poop off the streets why can't dog owners?
Just so you understand I'm not a dog hater, in fact I often pet-sit, and certainly do the scooping then.
Please dog owners, put on the Muzzle and Scoop the Poop!
Thanks, Gypsy Mama
Comment by Robyn Budd on 10th January 2014
I thought your article raised smart points. Thanks for sharing the wisdom! Hope all island doggie people have a read.... (And by the way, I think your 'breathing' is just fine!)
Doggy Doo
Comment by Paul Ryan on 9th January 2014
Hey Mama, Take a deep breath and get a load of reality. We live in a rural community. People and their pets should be allowed certain freedoms that you can't get in the city! That's why we live here.
Responsibility is the key word here. You can be just as irresponsible with a dog on a leash as you can with a dog without one. Please don't tell us that a dog jumping up on a young child or adult will injure them. That's a crock! I have seen young children playing with puppies and big dogs and all get knocked down all the time and they just bounce up and carry on!
The main thing for dog owners (and parents as well) is to keep your dogs/kids in sight and under control. I have seen some kids who are every bit as aggressive as some dogs! I don't hear anyone telling us we should leash the kids too!
And, there is the one bite rule! If a dog bites a human and causes damage, the owner pays for the damage and a fine as well. If the dog does it again, the dog is put down.
And the dog poop thing is also a no brainer. If your dog poops in a public area, clean it up. If it's in the bush, it's fertilizer!