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General · 22nd January 2014
Terry Peebles
I would like to see off-leash times at the Spit. Many cities have incorporated these times into their by-laws. I propose dawn to 10am and 4pm to dusk from September to June. This way all the people who want to walk off-leash know they can without harassment, and those who want to leash have their time as well. The Spit is the only protected waterfront walk that is in the sunshine and we can all share it like we have for years before the leash by-laws. Responsible pet ownership is called for. Personal responsibility will solve the ongoing problem of aggressive and unruly dogs.
Part of the solution
Comment by Valerie on 24th January 2014
I think this is a fabulous demonstration of solution-oriented forward thinking, and think this is a great win/win idea. While laws and rules have their place, sometimes the spirit if the law gets lost behind the letter of the law, and I fear this may happen.

While I walk my large, obedient dog off-leash so she may actually get the exercise I'm there to give her, I recognize, and take full responsibility of her actions while she is both ON and off leash. While she is "free-range", I always have a leash with me, and leash her when I encounter other pet owner's with leashed animals (or people she may be curious about). Leashed dogs will always react more aggressively in social situations with each other, so it is unfair to allow my pet to instigate that behavior in a leashed dog. It also just seems the respectful thing to do in the five seconds it takes to pass by others sharing the pathways we're so fortunate to have here.

It's unfortunate that we can't all just take ownership of our pets and be respectful of our friends and neighbours, and reserve these fabulous forums for, as mentioned, more important issues than stone-throwing.

Thanks Terry for sharing a positive solution that has the potential to resolve the initial issues/concerns! I'm on board!
Comment by Lynden on 23rd January 2014
This sounds like a reasonable, possible route to go.
NO regulation will please everyone.
You have to compromise. This would allow dogs to have ample off-leash time, and if you happen to be there past 10am say, you just leash em' up then.
If I really want my dogs to go off-leash, I simply take them elsewhere. It's not like we are in a large city with nowhere else to take them.
dogs at the spit
Comment by rod on 22nd January 2014
Golly gee whiz!-surely we have more important issues to discuss ?
Maybe it's the humans who are the problem after all....?
Comment by Robyn Budd on 22nd January 2014
Okay, people, three out of four of the comments below are polite and solution-oriented. One is not. Comments are welcome on the Gumboot, but taking aim at others for the opinions they respectfully express is simply not on. Comments of this nature will no longer be posted on this site.
Re: Rebecca Spit
Comment by Paul Ryan on 22nd January 2014
I've got a better idea. Why don't we confine all photographers to the south end of Rebecca Spit and put them on a leash! It makes about as much sense as Will's idea. This from a guy who walks around with a can of bear spray in his pack just itchin' to use it!
Rebecca Spit Provincial Park
Comment by Will LaVigne on 22nd January 2014
Good idea Terry with the time frame, however
I would like to point out that Rebecca Spit is a Provincial Park which is available to all British Columbians to use whenever its gates are open.
One of the regulations is pet owners of dogs must have them on leash and in control when in the Provincial Park. Miracle Beach Provincial Park has an area set aside for pet owners of dogs to have them off leash. With that mind perhaps the south end area of Rebecca Spit Provincial Park would be a practical area for pet owners of dogs to have them off leash.
Comment by Irene Dicaire 285-2111 on 22nd January 2014
i feel this is a win/win suggestion
Thanks, Terry!
Comment by Robyn Budd on 22nd January 2014
Nice idea! I've posted a poll as suggested, so let's see what islanders think of the idea.