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General · 12th February 2014
Jim Abram
I was angry over the BC Ferries issue when I sat down at my laptop after a long day of Regional District meetings. NOW, I am REALLY angry! I try, as your Regional Director to always try to be level headed and polite. This BC Ferries issue is trying my patience.

An infamous US President once said something to the effect that "We will not negotiate with terrorists!" Neither will we! WE WILL NOT NEGOTIATE! This government is terrorizing our coastal communities and our provincial economy.

BC Ferries has put forward a very insidious "Options" survey for us to look at and fill out. DON'T DO IT! In their plan, your community will be decimated, over time, whichever choice you make.

We have put forward a very simple list of demands: Reduce the fares, don't make the cuts, and put us back into the Highway system where we came from. Very simple. We have a day of province-wide action planned on March 11th and the government, in conjunction with BC Ferries, has tried to dilute our action by distracting us, once again, by offering us "options".

What will the options do? They will do exactly what was announced by the Minister a month ago. Will they fix the ferry system with a 20 million dollar band aid for this year??? NO THEY WON'T! They will be back next year with more cuts planned and more fare increases. Ridership will decrease, fares will increase and the system will become less viable daily.

Do not fall for this ploy. It is meant to try and diffuse our conserted action that is planned for March 11th.

By then we will have the hard numbers that are being prepared by the Union of BC Municipalities and the Committee that they struck, of which I am a member. We will be able to show them the folly of their plan and it will have quantifiable information to back it up, not the "pie in the sky" platitudes that they continue to offer us.