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General · 26th March 2014
Paul Ryan
Here's a look at a draft of the new ferry schedule. This was put together last Friday by BCF staff and your FAC committee along with some help from invited members of our community. Please have a close look and let me know if you see anything which will be a problem. We will be scheduling meetings on both Quadra and Cortes to receive public input. I think you will agree that this version is much better than the plan put forward by the Ministry and also the alternative suggested by BCF! I would like to thank the following members of our communities for their valuable input. Mike Lynch, Lois Taylor, Joe Duprey, Michael Stahnke, John Sprungman, Ralph Nursall, Cam Pirie, Jenn McPhee.
Disclaimer: Regional Director Jim Abram notes for the record that he participated under duress and remains in complete disagreement with the cuts being made. He will continue to try to retain the current sailings through political means.

Commuter nightmare.
Comment by Sheldon on 31st March 2014
The afternoon ferries returning to Quadra are going to be a nightmare in the spring/ summertime. This is not commuter friendly those who drive on to commute or those returning in the afternoon. I can already imagine a revision to this oversight. (why not tighten up the afternoon Boats and spread out the evening ones.)
Time to buy another car for the tyee plaza and walk across I guess.
More lost revenue for BC ferries...
"Draft" Schedule
Comment by Barbara Lee on 29th March 2014
I'm wondering, why the FAC felt the need to compromise?
is there gonna be an app for that?
Comment by Jo-Anne Johnson on 28th March 2014
my goodness this is not going to work. If we have to loose sailings, loosing them in the middle of the day to accommodate a shift change makes much more sense than loosing the late night sailings. But there is no logic to these sailing times, they are still basically a 1/2 hour apart just at random times during the day. Why is it necessary to have a completely different schedule for the morning than for the afternoon and then again for the weekend? This is much more complicated than it needs to be, please consider revising it.
Ferry Schedules.
Comment by lrtow. on 28th March 2014
What planet are these people on.
Comment by Nanci Cook on 28th March 2014
first impression-how will I remember this?
Ferry time
Comment by Fred King on 26th March 2014
there is no way that is gonna work ..the last time i was on the ferry with a code 3 ambulance call it took exactly 7 minutes to get a cross and that was at full speed i timed it because i was stuck on the ferry for that ride …sooo at ten minutes thats twenty minutes round trip just sailing not unloading and loading and thats with out any weather or marine traffic i.e.. tugs and fish boats and what have its gonna take five minutes to load the ferry ?? maybe in the winter with few cars on the ferry but in the summer time with overloads and this that and the other thing i just can't see it working…