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Events · 3rd April 2014
Joanna Finch
On April 12 Vancouver Island musician and vocal improv teacher Joanna Finch is presenting two workshops for people of all ages and abilities. A student of master teacher Rhiannon Watson, a composer and award nominated singer, Joanna has been teaching in Antigua, Ecuador and Canada since 2005 and loving it! In her words: “My soul purpose is to serve my community through my voice.I feel so happy whenever people ask me to share my gifts as a healer, an entertainer and a singer. I love to inspire people to communicate in ways that are fun and personally enriching."
~Joanna Finch 2014~

The workshops can be taken separately or together as the morning session is gentle, and relaxing and the afternoon session is lively and fun.
From 10:30-2:30 for adults, “Reflections and Transformations through Nature and Sound Shaping” This 3-4 hour workshop takes you on a journey into a visioning process that clarifies what you want for yourself, for your community and for the Earth. The 7 stage process involves being still and observant in a natural setting, to pull the green, the smells, the life force into your subconscious. Next, we learn what sound weaving is. Part three is a guided visualization. Part four involves breath, voice and authentic movement. Part 5 is word smithing, journalling, creating imagery; Part 6 brings us into an organic process of sound-shaping, toning, harmonizing and distilling our visions into shape. And lastly, Part 7 is a clear, concise mantra that will be each participants' chant or prayer or rap that will bring health and happiness in the ensuing months and years. Supplies: bring water, a journal and a blanket and a mat for lying on. Cost is $45.

From 3:30-6:00 is an everyone welcome workshop for people who are capable of holding a part- recommended to age 12 and up. “Switch! Fast and Fun Improv Games for Families and Friends” This series of improv games require a willingness to leave inhibitions at the door and to jump right in for the sheer delight of it! Enjoy the pleasure of hearing what your voice is capable of. This workshop works best with an all ages group who are comfortable with play, who work well as a team and who want to find new and fun ways to communicate.
Some games we play:
Laughter jam warm up
Ancestral Voices... exploration of tones and shapes, patterns and rhythms
Switch! a fast moving circle of conversations in dialect
Sliding doors... stories that merge, deflect and intrude
Monsters and Machines…weird noise jam- do you have a panache for ‘sounds’?
Flocking…following the leader in graceful, identical movements
$25 per person or $60 with a “family” of 3 people. Bring a water bottle- you will get thirsty!
Both workshops take place at the Children's Centre.
For this and other VocalEase events visit: Jobird’s VocalEase FMI and to reserve, please contact Joanna at . Tickets are available at Hummingbird Art Supplies Suite 2a-671 Plaza Rd Quadra Island, BC V0P 1N0 (250) 285-3334
all ages, youth friendly!
all ages, youth friendly!
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explore characters