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General · 7th April 2014
So, you will see from the quick poll here on the 'boot that the new ferry schedule is non-too popular....well over half of respondents are against the plans (how the heck will we ever remember it for one?!), and 39% 'hate it'.

Now I know we are all feeling pretty demoralized by BCFC's shoddy treatment of our small communities with their cuts and fare increases. When will it ever end we ask? Will they ever listen? But, if we give up they win, its as simple as that. Let's keep on fighting these guys – no surrender, right!

The next battle in the ferry war comes to our doorstep on Wednesday's pretty much your one and only chance to have your say on this crazy schedule: once it goes to the printers we are hooped. The meeting will be held on Wednesday April 9th at 7pm at the Community Centre.

There will also be opportunity (or shall I say, you are encouraged to SEIZE the opportunity) to make your voices heard on any other ferry matter...there is one essential matter that will impact our night time emergency about the NIGHTWATCHMAN issue and ponder its implications for you and your loved ones in the next article.

Come on Quadra...let's keep up the fight! See you there!
Meeting FAC lead, no BCFC present
Comment by Editor on 9th April 2014
I just want to clarify that the meeting tonight is led by the FAC and no representative from BCFC will be present. Paul Ryan said that the FAC would have liked to have had this community meeting before they met with BCFC to discuss changes "but (a) they didn't want to, and (b) there were time constraints." The FAC are hoping to explain the process, note any perceived difficulties with the new schedule and discuss where we go from here.

Jim Abram will be in attendance, and when asked about the purpose of the meeting he told us that he saw it as " fulfilling our commitment to the community [for providing opportunity to give feedback] and hopefully getting BCFC to fix any problems that we find with the schedule from community input".

Let's hope they receive our messages around scheduling and the proposed loss of the nightwatchman... and get them over to BCFC loud and clear!