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We love these guys...but we NEED our FERRY to be there!
General · 7th April 2014
Ok, serious this....the next round of craziness from BCFC is to say they are going to cut the Nightwatchman from the crew. Who cares? WE CARE BCFC...We care because your plans put our lives in jeopardy.

To you, time is money. In an emergency - especially when you need to cross the water as we do - time is lives.

BCFC say that instead of paying wages for the nightwatchman to guard the boat they will put up fences and CCTV cameras. They say no jobs will be lost. They say it will not impact us, but it will, and here is how...

Right now the emergency responders call the nightwatchman. The nightwatchman contacts the Master, and the Master calls one more crew member to operate the boat. Without the nightwatchman, the call is routed through BCFC Emergency Response in Victoria. No problem say BCFC. Big problem say our ferry crew, big problem say the paramedics....

Here is how: without the nightwatchman, who usually sails as crew on emergency runs, the Victoria bunch need to rustle up the Master, and not one but two crew. And that is a big deal on Quadra as we currently have very few crew living delays are quite possible, and our local crew shortage means that it might well happen that the boat cannot sail at all...

Back to that time means lives thing, right.

Now we love the CCG folk and a ride on the Cape Palmerston could be fun in some circumstances... but they have other duties, and even if they can come then there will have been a crucial time delay while BCFC plays phone tag...and then family/support cannot really travel with family, no car, not happy.

Are the savings BC Ferries make on wages (over and above the cost of fancy fences and cameras) really worth jeopardizing lives??

Don't forget...Wednesday at the Community Centre, 7.00 sharp. What issues concern you? Let 'em have it!
no nightwatchman
Comment by terry on 10th April 2014
If this decision is enforced it will take someone dying to change things .The truth is this gov't truly doesn't give a damn about the people who do not wield financial or political power.
Comment by Gloria on 8th April 2014
Because we didn't vote for her!
Comment by rs on 8th April 2014
A Master, a mate, and two deckhands (no night watchman?) must be found to man the ferry for emergency runs after hours - when time is of the essence-(5 min. has made a life saving huge difference in past circumstance) - all costs charged to BC Ambulance Service, as I understand? The night watchman, in charge of ship security facilitates the "call out" (local knowledge of crew availability).....the night watch stands in for early a.m. shift in cases of sickness on a.m. crew until suitable replacement found (no night watch, no early sailings until new crewman arrives). As part of his duties, he also spends the majority of time cleaning and restocking the boat,and onshore washrooms etc. which can only be accomplished in full after hours with no public aboard (can you imagine what the washrooms would be like after a busy summer weekend without a comprehensive cleaning? --Novovirus anyone??) Why is Christy Clark so vindictive towards Gulf islanders??