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General · 22nd April 2014
Food Hound
As most of you know, I'm a big fan of dogs. I have two of my own, and I really love the fact that there are a lot of dogs on our island, which add to the amazing feeling of our community.
However, dogs need a place to do their business. So when you take your dog to the Spit, please be aware that this is a multi use facility, especially on the field. Kids and adults play there and have picnics, sports games etc. So when your dog decides it's time to "let go" on the field, make sure you are prepared and don't walk away and leave it there for someone to step on or worse! It's all part of being a responsible pet owner.
To assist with this, Food Hound has donated a dog poop bag dispenser which is attached to a post in the parking lot at the head of the trail through the field. Please grab a bag on your way by and use it if need be.
off-leash dogs at the Spit
Comment by S. Peterson on 9th May 2014
Not to mention the poo, I am surprised and disappointed at the number of people whose dogs are off leash at the Spit. It's a park, folks and there's a sign! Rules for everyone but you?
Poo Bags
Comment by Bev Barclay on 9th May 2014
Tell who to call and well show that it is wanted by the responsible dog owners.
The bureaucrats step in
Comment by Food Hound on 4th May 2014
The park operator took down the bag dispenser with no explanation or otherwise. I have a call into him, and have yet to receive an answer. If I don't get a reply, I'm going to reinstall it and this time they won't be able to remove it!
poo bags
Comment by john on 2nd May 2014
Well, it was nice while it lasted !
Doo Doo at the Spit
Comment by Bev Barclay on 29th April 2014
Thanks for the poo bags Paul.
Don't huck the bag into the woods!
Comment by Robyn Budd on 25th April 2014
Good point, John!!! Last thing we need is a bunch of dog poop bags – full – lying in wait for the hapless hiker or biker! Like, ew.
Comment by john on 24th April 2014
Let's hope folks realize that just because the're biodegradable that one doesn't just toss it into the forest !
Thanks Food hound
Comment by nancy essig on 24th April 2014
That is wonderful that you have donated and set up a poo bag dispenser. I love it when people put their money where their mouths are. Thanks Paul. Let's hope people will utilize it.
Thanks, Paul!
Comment by Robyn Budd on 22nd April 2014
Although it's a bit of a spring ritual to pick the doggy detritus from the recesses of one's mountain bike tires, I look forward to more carefree riding around the Spit!