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General · 27th April 2014
It was brought to our attention today that someone has been nailing chunks of a dark red meat (venison?) to logs/stumps at the Spit.

Why, who knows...but we would ask that the person doing this please desist: there is range of potential harm to wild and domestic animals that can result from this activity...from both the meat, and the use of roofing nails to attach the chunks.

One would hope that this person is not targeting the wolves, cougars, eagles or pet dogs with some ill intent.

Pet owners, please beware of this craziness.

It would be great if the nailer would get out there and remove these hazards, and please dispose of the meat and nails responsibly....
Nailed Meat?
Comment by Food Hound on 27th April 2014
It would be important to get a sample of this stuff and give it to the RCMP to get it tested for toxic stuff! This is against the law if there is!